Eurovision 2020

#JESC21: Spain’s Continued Participation & Wish To Host If Victorious In Warsaw

Spain’s Head of Delegation, Toni Prieto, has talked about the country’s wish to continue participating at the Contest, even though it’s hard to find the right artist.

“So far, what we are doing is working very well for us. We have to see in the future, what we are going to do, if we are going to have another type of format to search for the candidate. It is difficult to find children who interpret songs or who are artists. There are many adults, but there are fewer children. It is true that there are a number of programs in other networks that work and that usually do this type of contest. It is not easy, we are going to go step by step … last year and this one are going well, and we will see for the next year how we propose it, if we do a program, if we continue we do a direct search, but I think that it is still too early to advance in this.”

Toni Prieto also discussed the wish to host the Contest, if Spain are victorious tomorrow afternoon:

“We want to organise Junior Eurovision next year. If we win, then logically if we are prepared to organise a festival. We have done great events, we are not afraid or tremble at all. At the moment it seems a bit premature to talk to institutions to see if we can do it in one place or another, we must be cautious. We will go step by step.”

Author: Richard Taylor

Source: Eurofestivales

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