Eurovision 2020

#JESC20: Remembering Marsa 2014

The 2014 Junior Eurovision Song Contest took place on Saturday 15th November. The event was hosted at Malta Shipbuilding by Moira Delia. The top 3 were:

1st: Italy – 159 points

Video: YouTube/EBU

2nd: Bulgaria – 147 points

Video: YouTube/EBU

3rd: Armenia – 146 points

Video: YouTube/EBU

Italy, Montenegro and Slovenia all made their debut, while Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus and Serbia all returned to the Contest. Azerbaijan, Moldova and North Macedonia all withdrew from the Contest. This took the number of participating countries to sixteen.

So who was awarded the famous 12 points? Six sets of twelve points were awarded to Armenia; four sets to Bulgaria and Italy; with one set going to Georgia, Malta and The Netherlands. A further set of 12 points was awarded to every country by the EBU, to avoid all countries finishing with no points.

Author: Richard Taylor

Source: Eurovision Ireland

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