#BIRTHDAY: Marie Bergman from Sweden is 70 today

#BIRTHDAY: Marie Bergman from Sweden is 70 today

Hold onto your hats, as we have another Swedish birthday today. Hats is an apt word, as today’s clip shows someone wearing a hat. Inside. How very daring.

Today’s birthday girl Marie Bergman never actually participated as a soloist, but she was a welcome addition to three Swedish songs down the years. In 1971 and 1972, she was a quarter of the Family Four. They set a trend for two male/two female groups that did Sweden well in 1974. Then, she teamed up with the legendary Roger Pontare and went to Dublin (again) in 1994. Opening a contest of 25 songs was always a tall order, and they finished 13th. Not quite on the left-hand side of the scoreboard these days (imagine that, Sweden on the right-hand side), but they struck a blow for the slightly older performer at our favourite TV show. And tasteful hats.

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