Eurovision 2020

#THE REAL ME – Eurovision Memories from Bogdan Fedeles

Is there a song that really means something to you? Something that made you really fall in love with Eurovision? Something that you associate with a particular event in your life? In our ‘The Real Me’ articles, we get to the root of why we can’t get enough of Eurovision.

Our next #TheRealMe Eurovision Memory comes from Bogdan Fedeles, who many of you will know as a Eurovision Ireland regular writer and editor.

“It was the year after my home country debuted with “Dincolo de Nori” (Beyond the clowds) and I was so excited that my country’s name was mentioned on a live broadcast around the world.

Little did I know at that time how Eurovision would impact my life.

It was around my bedtime hour, but I was way to curious to hear the songs in the Competition. So I asked my mum if if would be alright for me to watch the show in her room, as mine didn’t have a TV.

The volume was turned down, but my eyes were glued to the TV.

All of the sudden, I found myself witnessing something magical: I was hearing a sweet lullaby accompanied by a sparkling, clear voice of an angel. I had no idea what the angelic voice was singing, but it was literally music to my ears. I felt warmth, peace, harmony and my spirit was lifted. No other song has ever had such an impact on me before. The only time I had remotely felt something similar was by listening to Michael Nyman’s The Heart Asks Pleasure First. But back then I was overwhelmed with sadness. This time, Nocturne gave me freedom.

I wanted to share this moment with my family, but all of them were already asleep.

The next day, without YouTube, I could not express in words the magical moment that I have been a part of. But the sounds were there, kept closely to my heart until this present day.

To me, Nocturne is the song between childhood and adolescence; the soundtrack of loved times and the beginning of the real me into this world. “

Do you have a song that means something to you? Tell us about it and you may feature in a future article.

Author: Bogdan Fedeles

Source: Eurovision Ireland, Youtube

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