#Here Today, Gone Tomorrow, Life after Eurovision

Over the years since our beloved contest began , way back in 1956, many artists have graced the Eurovision stage over the years, enjoying the opportunity to make themselves known far and wide.

But…what happened once all that preparation for the contest and the actual appearance was done? What became of those acts and did Eurovision make or break them? In our series, Here today, Gone tomorrow, we at Eurovision Ireland are taking a look at what happened to Eurovision acts after representing their country at the contest. This week we are focusing on :

Anne -Marie David !

Anne-Marie’s pre-Eurovision life

Anne-Marie was born in Arles, France in 1952. Her music career began at t he age of 18 years old, which is quite a late start in comparison to the other Eurovision stars we have already looked at . In 1972, she appeared as Mary Magdalene in the French version of Jesus Christ Superstar and also that year she had a song “un peu romantique”( A little Romantic) submitted to the French selection committee for the Eurovision Song Contest , which made the final shortlist of 10 songs .

In 1973, Anne -Marie was more successful and was actually selected to represent Luxembourg , in Luxembourg. As we all know now, her song ” Tu te reconnaîtras ” won the contest with 129 points, beating off what are now timeless Eurovision classics in ” Eres Tu” the Spanish entry sung by Mocedades and “Power to all our friends” , the UK entry sung by Cliff Richard . Anne-Marie also brought Luxembourg a back to back victory, with the nation having won the previous year in 1972 with Vicky Leandros and ” Après-toi “.

Life after Eurovision 1973

Following her victory in Luxembourg,Anne-Marie made herself known around the world with a tour . She released singles and albums and spent time living in Turkey , establishing some popularity there. However, it seems that Anne-Marie never forgot her Eurovision experience and in 1979 agreed to represent her home country , France , being the first Eurovision singer to represent two different countries . She went to the contest in Jerusalem, Israel, with the song ” Je suis l’enfant soleil”. As in 1973 , she became one of the three battling it out for the victory, this time against Spain and Israel, who eventually won with the song ” Hallelujah “. However , this time she could only get a very respectable 3rd place .

Life after Eurovision 1979

After Eurovision 1979, Anne-Marie continued her music career , mainly in Norway . She maintained some connections with Eurovision, being one of the jury members tasked with selecting the Norwegian entry for the 1985 contest, which , as we all know now, resulted in the first Norwegian win by Bobbysox ! She retired from music in 1987 but on demand from fans , made a comeback in 2003

In 2005, she took part in the 50th anniversary concert held in Copenhagen, Denmark .

Ten years later, she also sang in the BBC’s Eurovision Greatest hits show, celebrating the 60th anniversary of Eurovision

These days Anne-Marie remains very much a part of the Eurovision family , making appearances at Eurovision linked events such as the Belgian Eurosong 2014, where she sang ” Tu te reconnaitras ” with Axel Hirsoux, who went on to represent Belgium that year.

She has also performed at some of the pre- Eurovision concerts such as the London Eurovision party in 2014 and Amsterdam calling in 2018 . Anne-Marie was due to make an appearance as a past Eurovision winner at the Eurovision 2020 contest in Rotterdam , unfortunately, this didn’t happen ,due to the Corona Virus outbreak around the world, resulting in the Eurovision Contest for this year being cancelled .

Will we see Anne-Marie at Eurovision again? would you like to see her in Rotterdam next year, making another guest appearance? Please feel free to let us know your thoughts .

Author: Sarah Rudman

Source & Image Sources : Eurovision.TV, You Tube , BBC , DR , Schlager Party

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