Eurovision 2020

#JESC20: Final Eleven Finalists In Ukraine Announced

After 105 applicants participated in the submission process and from the 70 applicants that had adhered to all the rules, Ukraine now have 11 finalists. 8 came from applying with an original song, 2 with a cover song and 1 with the most online likes.

The final eleven consist of:

  • Nikita Achkasov – My Oasis (Cover)
  • Polina Babil – SuperBit (Original)
  • Oleksandr Balabanov – Open (Original)
  • Yuliia Karimi – PEOPLE (Original)
  • Anzhelina McFarlene – MY SPIRIT (Original)
  • Darin Osman – A Natural Woman (Cover)
  • Yaroslav Politov – GOOD ALWAYS WINS (Original)
  • Daniiela Shapochnikova – Your Future (Online)
  • Sofia Shkidchenko – OK (Original)
  • Anhelina Terennikova – The Vibe (Original)
  • Olena Usenko – Never Get Free (Original)

Nikita Achasov and Darin Osman will go on to record songs provided by UA:PBC. The rest will be allowed to record their original songs or another provided by the broadcaster.

Oksana Skybinska, the Head of Delegation for Ukraine had the following to say:

“This year we received both multi-genre and unique original songs, which has become a tradition for the Ukrainian national selection, and vocally and emotionally strong interpretations of popular compositions. It was very difficult to make a shortlist of such a constellation of young artists. Ahead is an even harder choice of the representative of Ukraine for the Junior Eurovision Song Contest to be made by the jury and online users. All the applications accepted this year are published on the website of the National Selection, so the whole Europe can watch and listen to the talented Ukrainian children awaiting the international contest.”

Voting for this year’s Ukrainian participant commences on Saturday 5th September and will conclude on Tuesday 8th September.

Author: Richard Taylor

Source: UA:PBC

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