Húsavík- The ONLY Remix You Need to Get The Party Started!

We can all agree that once we heard Húsavík -from the Eurovision Song Contest: The Story Of Fire Saga film – the song instantly received a special place in our hearts.

But sometimes we just don’t want to play a ballad. Here is when the remixes come and lift our spirits. These days, we discovered the perfect remix for Húsavík made by talented musician and DJ Ray Isaac.

Ray Isaac is an Australian based independent singer-songwriter-DJ with “a knack for ear-worm melody, enticing lyrics and energetic instrumentals that will keep you dancing all night long!” – according to his website.

We had the pleasure to have a chat with Ray and this is what he told us!

For the people who are not familiar with your work, who is Ray Isaac?

Ray Isaac is an Australian Singer DJ and Producer. Huge Fan of Eurovision and melodic emotional songs.

What inspired you to do a remix of Husavik?

I am a huge fan of Eurovision!

I heard about the Eurovision movie – thinking it would be a rubbish film; but after I heard the songs, it attracted me to want to see the film. I watched the movie twice and fell in love with Double Trouble and Husavik. So I decided to remix them both and have released them as a double remix pack for my fans and Eurovision fans.

I also had the opportunity to write for Eurovision Moldova and Ireland but didn’t get through with my songs. That is why I remixed two songs from the movie.

Where can your fans listen your music/remixes?

You can listen to my music at or on my YouTube channel.

Best of luck Ray and hope to see your creations at Eurovision Song Contest soon!

If you have enjoyed Ray’s remixes, make sure you subscribe to his channel.

Now, let’s get the PARTY STARTED and in the style of Tamta, press REPLAY!

Author: Bogdan-Stefan Fedeles

Source: Ray Isaac, Eurovision Ireland

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