Eurovision 2020

#PODCAST: The Euro Trip Relaunches

The Euro Trip, a podcast that has been going for the last seven years, has relaunched today. The host Rob Lilley, will be joined by his co-host from this year’s Eurojury every week, James Rowe.

The relaunched Podcast can be best compared to a daytime television magazine programme – segments to meet everyone’s needs. These include:

  • The News In 90 feature will see a guest newsreader every week bring the week’s ESC and JESC news in 90 seconds. Rob and James will then join the guest newsreader to explore one of the news stories into further detail.
  • The European Quiz is set and hosted by Samuel Deakin each week. Each week, the questions will be based on a different European country. Rob and James will be pitted against each other over three questions.
  • The Big Interview will see Rob and James interview a big name from the Eurovision stage of years gone by.
  • The One Second Song quiz will see Rob and James alternating each week in challenging the other to guessing a former entry after just the first second! Points will be awarded for guessing the correct year, country, act and song.

The relaunched Podcast is now available across Apple Podcasts and Spotify.

Author: Richard Taylor

Source: The Euro Trip

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