#STAGGY: Review of 2020 Part VII

#STAGGY: Review of 2020 Part VII

This is Staggy’s last outing on the 2020 crop of songs for the contest that never was. You can see his previous thoughts HERE. If he’s not reviewed your favourite, fear not as he probably likes it.

First in this final batch is Bulgaria. He wasn’t sure about the ‘sober’ bit of Victoria’s song, but it spoil things too much for him.

Next was Serbia. Hurricane definitely caught Staggy’s eye and if we’d all made it to Rotterdam, he would want to see them later.

The only way to finish was with Lesley Roy, who we’ll hopefully see in Rotterdam next year. Staggy likes her.

Have you liked Staggy’s erudite opinions through these articles? Which song did you like best? And stay tuned for more Staggy stuff in the future.

Author: John Stanton

Source: OnEurope.biz

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