Eurovision 2020

#ESC21: Your Basic 2021 Questions Answered

You may have some questions about next year’s Eurovision Song Contest and how it will be organised. Hopefully, we have answered some questions you may have had.

When & Where

The 2021 Eurovision Song Contest will take place next Spring, with the dates to be confirmed. NPO, NOS and AVROTROS will hold the Contest in the Ahoy Arena, Rotterdam, as originally planned in 2020.

Country Participation

Participating nations from 2020 have already started to confirm their Artists from this year, will be carried forward to next year. Other countries have already confirmed that a National Selection will take place instead. The European Broadcasting Union will invite Broadcasters to officially take part in the 2021 Contest in the coming months. Eurovision Song Contest rules state that a maximum of 44 countries can take part.

The Coronavirus

NPO, NOS, AVROTROS, the EBU and the City of Rotterdam are working in conjunction with the Dutch Health Authorities to ensure the Contest can go ahead as planned. Different scenarios will be examined in case the Ahoy Arena cannot be used.


Those that have purchased tickets for 2020 will be able to use them next year as they will be carried over. Tickets can be refunded if you don’t wish to attend. Depending on how you purchased them will depend who you’ll need to contact for a refund. Check the official Eurovision Song Contest website for details. It is too early to know if further tickets will be available for next year or if there is a chance the Contest will be ran without an audience due to the pandemic.

Author: Richard Taylor


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