#STAGGY: Review of 2020 Part IV

#STAGGY: Review of 2020 Part IV

Our team member Staggy Ristamouse was naturally disappointed he couldn’t go to Rotterdam. Nevertheless, as a Eurovision fan he naturally has opinions on the songs. Here are some more. You can find some previous views of the songs HERE.

First up are hosts Netherlands and their singer Jeangu. We think Staggy liked it.

Next was Alicja from Poland. This put Staggy in a thoughtful mood.

He likes a nice slow song, to with some nice Portuguese beers, Staggy found an opinion on Elisa.

Finally, Staggy was intrigued by the empty arena that Denmark’s Ben & Tan performed in Copenhagen. He even found a special drink.

All in all, Staggy liked this quartet. Do you agree with him? And fear not, there are more to come.

Author: John Stanton

Source: Eurovision Ireland

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