#BIRTHDAY: Lill Lindfors is 80 today

#BIRTHDAY: Lill Lindfors is 80 today

The last two days we’ve had ladies from Sweden in this slot. And guess, what, here comes another one. Flickorna tar över, as they say in sunny Växjö.

Now, Kikki and Sahlene could only manage a pitiful third in their respective contests, and both as home entrants. Today’s birthday girl Maj Lillemor ‘Lill’ Lindfors went one better, although she did have a little help from Svante Thuresson. This was Sweden’s best result until 1974 when a four-piece band bettered them. But maybe Lill had the last laugh. In 1985 she was the sole host of the best contest ever, coincidentally featuring a certain Ms Danielsson as the home entrant. It all dovetails, doesn’t it. Anyway, I couldn’t pack all of Lill’s finest 1985 moments into a video, so here she is back in 1966. And as I sad two days ago, if today isn’t a public holiday in Sweden, then it should be.

Authors: Riigi Ametnik, John Stanton


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