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God Kväll Europa, God morgon Australien, Tonight , Sweden selects the last four acts to go through to the Grand Final of Melodifestivalen 2020 in Stockholm on 7th March , through its Andra Chansen ( Second Chance) round , taking place at the STIGA Sports Arena in Ekilstuna , Sweden . Hosting the evening’s proceedings will be David Sundin, Linnea Henrikkson, Lina Hedlund

Just to clarify the proceedings for tonight, the acts will compete in four duels , with the winner of each duel going forward to the final

The duels are as follows:

Duel 1 – Anis Don Demina v Ellen Benediktson & Simon Peyron

Duel 2-Malou Prytz v Paul Rey

Duel 3 -Felix Sandman v Frida Öhrn

Duel 4-Mendez feat Alvaro Estrella v Drängarna

Join me, Sarah , at 20:00 CET, as we get to find out who the lucky four acts will be to make it through to the grand final in Stockholm . You know the drill , just REFRESH THE PAGE to keep up with the events as they happen . You can also follow the action live from Ekilstuna via SVT’s website .


Sit back and relax everyone , the party is about to begin….

Starting with a bit of the usual banter from the hosts .

They don’t waste any time, introducing the first duel !

Duel 1

Anis Don Denima ” Vem e som oss “

I am really not sure what to make of this! It’s a bit of a combination of Swedish rap and hip -hop! I think you have to understand swedish to get the message they seem to be trying to put across. It’s a lively start that’s for sure . Credit to them for singing in their own language but rap rarely works at Eurovision and I couldn’t really see this being any different in Rotterdam . The crowd liked it .

Ellen Benediktson & Simon Peyron -“Surface”

Ellen reminds me a bit of Nikki Jamal from Ell and Nikki ( Azerbaijan 2011) , very similar stage positions at the start too . They are both dressed in black with a blue , watery like stage background. It’s a total contrast to its opponent ! The vocals are good and they seem to be in harmony with one another, which is vital with a duet performance . It’s nice enough but not a winner for me .

Now we’re getting the recap of both songs….I really can’t call this one but think Anis may just get through …purely on the madness !

Oh… an interview with the boss himself, Christer !

Now for Duel 2……

Malou Prytz-” Ballerina”

You’ll remember Malou from last year when she sang ” I do me” . Wow, she’s really grown from that performance ! Dressed in, not surprisingly , given the title , a ballerina dress with a blouse on top . Her vocals are much more on show than in last year’s entry and it’s quite impressive. Clever stage effects , as we see Malou’s double . It’s a nice performance

Paul Rey-“Talking in my Sleep”

Paul is dressed in all black, with black leather jacket and he’s singing a ballad . He sings about talking in his sleep and to be honest, I feel like I am being sent to sleep as it’s not doing anything for me . I just feel the song doesn’t really go anywhere and certainly wouldn’t be enough to stand out in Rotterdam but then again it IS Sweden we’re talking about !

Out of these two, Malou has kept my attention most, think she will scrape through as she may attract the younger vote

Message now from James Corden to Nanne , apologizing he can’t get her back into the contest with Carpool Karaoke !

Duel 3

-Felix Sandman-” Boys with Emotions”

It’s a typical Felix Sandman uptempo number . Felix has tried before to represent Sweden and looking at tonight, I think he may be waiting another year !Dressed in white with four backing singers in black, the staging of red and black reminds me very much of Benjamin Ingrosso in 2018 and it actually sounds rather similar with the synthetics in the backing track . It’s ok but I think if this goes to Rotterdam, it would share the same fate as Benjamin Ingrosso in the public vote . It’s a bit too repetitive

Frida Öhrn-” We are one”

My colleague when blogging the semi finals ,felt that Frida’s vocals weren’t great and tonight , I’m inclined to agree . She’s dressed in the same pink that she wore in the semi final with the gold strips curtain in the background. The song isn’t bad but sadly it’s for me, instantly forgettable and I think while she may get votes from the older generation, I feel that the younger voters may choose Felix .

I think Felix will win this duel but then again, who knows how the Swedish public will think !

Duel 4

Mendez feat Alvaro Estrella-“Vamos Amigos”

Oh my goodness! I feel like I have been spirited off to somewhere in Mexico and taken to a carnival ! It’s all very jolly stuff and so Eurovision, with bright clothes, stage props looking like an outside bar and pretty women.It’s certainly lively , with lots of dancing on stage . Think this stands a good chance of getting through to the final .

More banter between the hosts ….now for the final act tonight

Drängarna-” Piga & Dräng

Oh…this is interesting! we have here a combination of country music,and irish jig , with four female dancers at the front of the stage , ” doing a Riverdance ” ( not in the same league as Riverdance though!) . I like the fact that they are singing in Swedish and give them credit for their efforts , it’s very full on with a lot going on on stage . It’s ….different!

Recap now of the two acts in duel 4

Now for the Hall of Fame …..

Oh , they’ve managed to get Karin Falck back ! She presented the ESC 1975 in Stockholm

Not sure what she’s talking about , I guess some of it she is probably reminiscing the times when she presented the contest in 1975. Now we’re getting a history of Sweden in Eurovision .

Now we’ve got Lil Lindfors ( presenter of ESC in Gothenburg in 1985) and Mans Zelmerlow ( won for Sweden in 2015….as if we didn’t all know that by now !)

Love seeing former acts and presenters of Eurovision 🙂

Now for videos of past acts in Melodifestivalen, ranging from Sarah Dawn Finer, Afrodite, Linda Bentzing , Marie Lindberg, Shirley Clamp ……ahhhhh …the memories !

Come on ….let’s just have the results!My predictions for tonight

Duel 1 – Anis Don Demina

Duel 2 -Malou Prytz

Duel 3 -Felix Sandman

Duel 4- Hard one to call as both uptempo, lively acts but think Mendez will just scrape through

Which 4 are your faves?

We’re still going through the ESC Swedish hall of fame, this could go on all night folks !

We’re getting a medley of swedish melodifestivalen singers of the past now . If you’re watching the show, how many do you remember ?

Couldn’t forget Alcazar!

Performance from Loreen now …..told you this would take all night !

We will hopefully get the results before too long …I have to say the swedes really do put on an impressive show when it comes to looking back at Swedish Eurovision history , but for me this is going on a little too long now.

ooooh, we might be getting closer to the results now, they’re showing the acts already qualified to the final now .

Here we go……..

Duel 1 -Anis Don Demina is through …….

Duel 2 -Paul Rey is through…surprised at that one !

Duel 3- Felix Sandman is through ….no surprise there

Duel 4 -Mendez is through ….

So there we have it , our four new finalists, who will join those already through to the final in Stockholm, Friends Arena on 7th March . Congratulations to them .I got three out of four in my predictions.Not bad !

Thank you for joining me this evening, it’s been fun and enjoyable . Goodnight Europe, Good day Australia !

Author: Sarah Rudman

Source : SVT

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