#UKRAINE: Live blog of Vidbir 2020 #JoinUs from 18.00 CET

UKRAINE: Live blog of Vidbir 2020 #JoinUs from 18.00 CET

After a hiccup in 2019, Ukraine selects its song that could score the country’s third win. Two semi-finals have yielded six songs which will run the gauntlet of a public vote and expert jury. Who will win?

You can watch the action HERE. And to follow our blog just hot ‘Refresh’ for our latest thoughts.

And we’re off. And the only person that could kick us off is a certain Verka Serduchka. A popular bunny. Opening with Dancing lasha tumbai, naturally.

It’s a gig, as Verka has lots to say, and lots to sing. After all, she wouldn’t have brought her substantial ensemble along with her for nothing.

Verka leaves us, some 20 minutes into the broadcast. We see behind the scenes at Vidbir 2020. And see vignettes of tonight’s songs and performers.

Product placement is alive and well hereabouts, so we see fizzy drinks advertised by the acts.

The acts come on stage – all smiles and hope. Cheers and clapping all round before the bloodbath to come…

Our juror Tina Karol wishes all of the performers well tonight.

Whilst Ukrainian viewers get adverts, we get more behind the scenes chatter.

Back to the show and onto the songs…

Krutь – 99

She has her traditional lute-type instrument with her. It’s very nice. Her song is very ethereal and definitely not Schlager – hooray! It’s very heavy on the strings and she also has a cracking voice. A great opener and it would sound good in Rotterdam. The lute/mandolin lighting on the stage floor is the finishing touch

Jerry Heil – Vegan

A vegan telling us they’re vegan? Who knew! Jerry is in a big quilted suit – presumably not made from animal products. The vocal sounds a tad off to me, but that could be deliberate. It is in English, and there seem to be a lot of ready-made phrases. “Easy peasy lemon squeezy” is my particular favourite. Whether veganism is big in Ukraine is anther matter entirely though.

Go_A – Solovey

A band, with a flautist. This is a chant rather than a song. It’s heavy in drums and very hypnotic. Think Native American Shaman and you’re there. I like this a lot with its rhythm that drawing you in. The lead singer’s voice has a harsh quality, but I like it and it suits the song. As it ends, there is a massive amount of cheering. This is the best thing so far.

Ad break time now as we’re half way through the presentation of the songs. Don’t go away.

David Axelrod – Horizon

David could be straight from Game of Thrones (I’d know better if I’d ever watched it). He’s gone for the rough medieval look, replete with long leather coat. He’s got a very refreshing ballad for us that ain’t half bad. And it’s a builder. It could be a cracker from an Irish final in the 1990s. Not a note wrong either. Maybe the title of the song is repeated a tad too many times during the chorus, but it provides a handy key change and a marker for the stagehands when they fire up the dry ice machines right over David. Very good.

Khayat – Call for love

Khayat has a large following in the audience, and is striking a blow for a darker style of music. He quickly demonstrates his vocal range and dance skills. The sing mixes a dance beat with a chirpy whistle and is an interesting combination. It’s not that it doesn’t work, but it could go either way for young Khayat. A decent performance.

Tvorchi – Bonfire

Last on are the popular duo Tvorchi. Dressed very dapper too. As for the song, I’m not sure. It promises something more grimy than it actually delivers. That said, it’s nicely off-the-wall and quirky. And there could be a good hook that’s nicely memorable. Perhaps not a winner.

Songs over, what now? Well, the lines are thrown open for the public vote. And then adverts.

Back from the ads, we get more about the Ukrainian music scene. It’s vibrant and very contemporary by the looks of things.

Who’s this now? It’s only Jamala. Remember her? Sergey Lazarev does. She’s looking well.

The acts are all on stage. It could be results time.

The expert panel results are in…

We’ve gone to another ad break whilst the public vote is validated and calculated. But Go_A lead so far. Can they hold onto it? Stay tuned…

We’re back again. And it’s cabaret time again. This time from the vivacious Tina Karol. She’s performing several songs.

We’re now getting a brief look at some of the songs already chosen. Lithuania, Italy, Australia, Spain, Latvia, Albania, Czech Republic, Austria, and Norway all feature.

The acts are on stage again for the results of the public vote…

Sixth is Jerry Heil. Fifth is David Axelrod. Fourth is Tvorchi.

Third is Krutb. Second is Khayat.

So it’s Go_A!!!!!

Thanks for staying with us. And good night.

Author: John Stanton

Source: Eurovision Ireland

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