#ARMENIA: Depi Evratesil Live Blog #Joinus from 19.00CET

ARMENIA: Depi Evratesil Live Blog #Joinus from 19.00CET

Our friends in Armenia are holding a national selection, and there are high hopes of making a Eurovision Grand Final for the first time since 2017.

Armenia will choose a winner using a combination of televoting and a nine-member jury. Will we see a contender? You can watch the action HERE and HERE.

And we’ve started. Naturally with Te Deum, which mutates into a modern dance routine. We get introduced to the finalists for tonight. It’s like the Grand Final itself!

Our hosts for the evening are very nattily turned out.

Our hosts explain the format for the public voting. All as you’d expect in any national final.

So onto the songs…

Agop – Butterflies

Agop has dancers with him and a theme of butterflies on the backdrop. His song is nicely uptempo and bouncy. It’s not a bad song, but he’s used the big book of rhyming to write the chorus. Butterflies, eyes, hypnotise – you get the picture. Maybe a tad too repetitive to win tonight.

Karina EVN – Why?

Karina is a striking young lady. Shaven headed in an outfit to remember. Her English is better than song one, and she’s doing that speak-singing thing. The chorus is better and more catchy than the verse and has a fairly instant, if simple, hook. Not a bad little song.

Hayk Music – What it is to be in love

Hayk – sorry, HAYK – takes us down several tempos. He’s on a stool, sort of Westlife stylee, but in a trendy white jacket and black broad-brimmed hat. It’s heartfelt and pretty good for a ballad. He’s also got a slightly soul-ly voice, and his range isn’t bad either. However, there might not be anything to really grab you.

ERNA – Life faces

Erna – sorry, ERNA – continues the downbeat theme. Downbeat to start with, before it gets more syncopated as the song develops. It’s a cabaret song, ideal for that slightly smoky dive bar – but not in a bad way. However, it’s another nice song but not an outstanding one.

EVA Rida – No love

More capitals. Hmmm. EVA has another song that’s jazzy and downbeat in nature. Samey? Maybe. Until the chorus when it picks up a little. Her song bounces along, but her delivery is just a little too shouty. Possibly saving it is the use of pyros as we move into the last chorus. Maybe not a winner.

Athena Manoukian – Chains on you

This is more RnB. Athena has a throne on stage. And several muscular dancers in black jackets and trousers. It’s the best thing so far with it’s beat, and she’s easy on the eye too. A very professional performance, well thought out, and nicely slick.

Half way through, so a quick breather looking at what we’ve seen so far.

Gabriel Jeeg – It’s your turn

Ballad again, or is it just downbeat, until the second verse when it picks up in a disco/latino stylee. Gabriel has two dancers with him who walk, gyrate and shimmy around the stage. I think that because this takes a while to get going, some people might tune out before the better bit kicks in. But it does have a key change.

Sergey & Nikolay Harutyunov – Ha, take a step

Is ‘ha’ someone they know, or something more sinister? Our singers are in black and white – good and bad perhaps? The guy in white does most of the singing while the other just looks on until near the end. A very odd performance and too many “ha”s for my liking.

Miriam Baghdasaryan – Run away

Miriam starts singing side on, as if there’s someone missing from the stage. It’s a slow song and she has a good range with a lot of power. However, it doesn’t really seem to go anywhere, and that will count against it.

Vladimir Arzumanyan – What’s going on mama?

Vlad’s a likely, cheeky lad. Sat on a leather sofa flanked by two standard lamps, he demonstrates his vocal range very early on. I’m not sure whether the furniture is necessary as this could be a very radio-friendly song with the right arrangement. It’s one of the best things we’ve seen tonight, but might need tweaking if it wins.

Arthur Aleq – Heaven

Arthur has an interesting voice. It’s either too soft or too harsh with nothing in between. There are funky overtones but I still feel it’s missing something. It is repetitive? Yes. Is it catchy? Not really. Sorry, but I can’t see it winning.


Last but not least, and it’s a he, not a band. Immediately funky and catchy, this will be in the mix. The outfit is striking. His black top is meant to have white paint on it, but it looks like he’s braved a particularly angry flock of seagulls. That aside, the dancers are polished and the whole effect is very good. He even manages a costume change, ditching the black top and finishing in silver-white. Very good, and one of the best three tonight.

Twelve songs all performed in 57 minutes is very commendable AMPTV. So with a bit more chatter from the Green Room we know we now have a winner in there somewhere.

The voting lines are open. The best three for me were from Athena Manoukian, Vladimir Arzumanyan and TOKIONINE. But what do I know?

Time for the usual recap for the public voters out there.

For our interval pleasure, it’s Armenia’s JESC participant from Gliwice last year. Karina Ignatyan is performing Colours of your dream, her song from JESC 2019.

And the voting has closed.

Whilst we wait, we see Iveta Mukuchyan (AM 16) Her of Lovewave fame. She’s looking well.

There’s footage from behind the scenes. Costumes, make-up, stage management, sound checks, that sort of thing. Plus plugs for a local hair salon. It goes to show that there is a lot of work behind a show like this.

Iveta is with us on stage now. With a big stage routine and a medley of songs, in Armenian and English, including Lovewave.

The acts are back on stage now, performing Arcade. It’s not bad and a nice homage to why we’re off to Rotterdam in May. Very nice.

And now a potted history of the show. From footage of Lys Assia (pronounced Ayzh-ya) to Dave & Tanel, to Brian Kennedy, to SuRie, with Abba, Lulu, Lena, Loreen, Céline Dion and Jamala thrown in for good measure.

And now a retrospective of Armenian entries down the years. Some good, and some just interesting.

Results time!

Athena Manoukian leads, with EVA Rida second and Gabriel Jeeg third.

With the second set of votes, we have this…

Athena Manoukian 118

EVA Rida 79

Miriam Baghdasaryan 73

With the third and final set of votes…

Athena Manoukian 168 points

ERNA 120 points

Vladimir Arzumanyan 118 points

Athena Manoukian wins! A good choice.

Thanks for viewing. Good night!

Author: John Stanton

Source: Eurovision Ireland, AMPTV

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