Eesti Laul 2020

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Good evening Europe and good morning Australia. Tonight is Semi Final 1 of Eesti Laul 2020!!! Join me, Richard, as we witness the first twelve acts taking to the stage in Tartu, ready to fight it out for the first six spots in the Grand Final.

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Good evening Europe! Richard here for the first Semi Final of Eesti Laul 2020. And we are greeted by a new opening sequence for this year’s Contest.

We have just been introduced to tonight’s acts and now the Hosts for the evening are on stage introducing the proceedings.

Let tonight’s Contest begin!

Rasmus Rändvee: “Young”

Rasmus is suited and booted for this performance. Starting off sat on an island stage, Rasmus makes his way through the audience to the main stage. Whites, blues and pinks are used throughout in both the lighting effects and the LED projection screens. You can’t fault for Rasmus’ energy throughout the performance and his vocals never suffer.

Kruuv: “Leelo”

Kruuv is a five piece band that not only sing, but play instruments too. Leelo is the first Estonian entry in this year’s Contest. The group are happy and energetic – complemented with bright lighting and back projections. They too make use of an island stage in front of the main one.

STEFAN: “By My Side”

STEFAN is in a red suit, providing a very stripped back performance – accompanied by subtle blue lighting. The audience have their mobile torches on! STEFAN is joined on stage by a female backing dancer who he interacts with at various points, to help tell the story of “By My Side”.

INGA: “Right Time”

With her hair slicked back, INGA is wearing a daring off-the-shoulder floral-ish dress. Another energetic performance, although simple at the same time. Great connectivity with the audience in Tartu, although less with the camera unfortunately. For the last verse/chorus, INGA is joined by two backing singers on stage.

Anett x Fredi: “Write About Me”

Strong guitar influence straight from the start. Anett is in a very sparkly silver jacket. The vibes I’m getting are easy listening in a hotel lounge or restaurant. A guitarist is on stage with Anett throughout. While they are not based on the main stage, three saxophonists are. Anett has something that should appeal to everyone with “Write About Me”.

REVALS: “Kirjutan romaani”

Not quite a country and western outfit, REVALS are providing not only the second Estonian entry of the night, but another easy listening number. They could easily sit in the role of a traditional pub band too – very homely. A lot of yellow lighting used throughout. Lightbulbs feature on the LED projections.

Tonight’s Jury are being introduced.

Renate: “Videomäng”

Renate has the third Estonian entry of the evening and it has a classic eighties video game vibe about it through the LED projections and on screen graphics. Renate, who is dressed in red, is joined by four backing singers, dressed in black. Another simple, yet pleasing performance.

Laura: “Break Me”

We saw Laura on the Eurovision Song Contest 2017 stage, in Kyiv, with Koit Toome. A poor pre-record inclusion at the start of the performance soon reveals Laura in an interesting black outfit. She is joined on stage by a drummer and guitarist. The pre-record clips appear at a couple of interludes of the performance.

Little Mess: “Without a Reason”

Little Mess are the Estonian Little Mix. They perform “Without A Reason” while wondering around a number of old style lamp posts. While I had a slight technical glitch, I’d happily see that in Tallinn. And it is nice to see some use of stage scenery!

Egert Milder: “Georgia (On My Mind)”

Sat at a piano, Egert is joined by a drummer and a guitarist. The backing g musicians also act as backing singers – creating a great harmony. The guitarist takes over piano duties once Egert leaves to move around the stage.

Jennifer Cohen: “Ping Pong”

So Jennifer has mirroring camera angles of herself to begin with. Doesn’t really work. These weird comic strip camera shots continue throughout and feature the four backing dancers also. Vocally, I don’t really rate Jennifer neither (a rarity, I know), as I believe she is trying to be someone bigger.

Synne Valtri feat. Väliharf: “Majakad”

Synne is back for a second consecutive year, joined by Valiharf for a more musical and emotive performance. “Majakad” has the drama in the story telling, you’d expect from any major west end show. Blue lighting and nautical LED projection imagery is in use throughout. Valiharf play the accordion and guitar.

The first round of VOTING has now opened!

Part ONE of Eesti Laul 2020 Semi Final 1 is complete. Comeback in 30 minutes when we will start to find out our first six Finalists!

We now have to stop for the Estonian news and sport.

Rejoin Us From 20:30CET

And we are back! Voting is still open for another thirteen minutes or so.

Ines is performing “Once in a Lifetime”, the 2000 Estonian Eurovision Song Contest entry. She is backed by a band.

We have some results! Annet x Fredi, Rasmus Randvee, Egert Miller and STEFAN are the top 4 with the Jury.

Voting has now CLOSED.

A preview of Semi Final 2 is now been played out.

The top 4 are and are automatic Finalists: Egert Miller, Rasmus Randvee, Anett x Fredi and Synne Valtri feat. Valiharf.

Two from eight will still make the Final in Tallinn. The second round of voting has OPENED.

5Miinust are the second Interval Act of the night. Rap really is not my thing!

Voting is CLOSED as 5Miinust continue.

The other two Finalists are: STEFAN and Laura.

Author: Richard Taylor

Source: Eurovision Ireland

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