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#LATVIA – LIVE BLOG of Supernova 2020 #OpenUp at 20:25 CET

Labs vakars Eiropa un labs rīts Austrālija! Tonight is Supernova 2020, which means Latvia choose their song for this year’s Eurovision Song Contest!

Sit back and relax, and let Eurovision Ireland’s own James Scanlan entertain and inform you. As always, let me what you’re thinking and give your opinions about tonight’s contestants and songs – I’ll shout out to you if you do!

You know the drill: Just refresh this page to get the comments, thoughts and points of view!

You can watch the live show HERE from 20:25 CET.

Hoping for that ticket to Rotterdam tonight we have our 9 lucky finalists – we’re sure you’ll recognise a few familiar names among them:

  1.  Seleste – Like Me
  2. DRIKSNA – Stay
  3. Katrīna Bindere – I Will Break Your Heart
  4. Edgars Kreilis – Tridymite
  5. Katrīna Dimanta – Heart Beats
  6. Miks Dukurs – I’m Falling For You
  7. ANNNA – Polyester
  8. Bad Habits – Sail With You
  9. Samanta Tīna – Still Breathing


Why are you reading this? It’s much too early! Go and check out our live blog of Australia instead, it’s still happening now as I type!

It’s almost show time in Latvia! 9 go in, only 1 comes out as champion! Let’s see who it’ll be!

Someone’s is probably about to have their weekend (and their whole year!) made… if you’re out there and reading this, remember your dear friends at Eurovision Ireland 😀

Here we go!

Supernova 2020 is brought to you tonight by Big Bird… 0__0 Interesting choice for a dress!

We’re not even at song #1 and 23 people are already sad… you’re in for a long night guys!

We’re just meeting the jurors tonight, who will give their thoughts and comments on the songs – but who goes to Rotterdam is entirely down to the Latvian public! Use your power wisely, Latvia!

Before we move forward, we’re looking back at the very first Latvian Eurovision selection event right the way back in 2000. Brainstorm and My Star brought Latvia 3rd place at their very first contest – not at all bad for a first attempt! 8 of those 136 points came from Ireland

And on to the songs! First up is Seleste

Seleste – Like Me

Starting astride that box a bit like Dami Im, it’s quite a static performance from Seleste. She jumps off the box at one point and wanders around, but it’s quite dull to watch. Stylistically, the song is like a blend of country and R&B, and yes, it’s as jarring as it sounds. Seleste performs confidently and with intent, but this kind of easy listening music doesn’t really grab the audience immediately – which can be a bit of a gamble at the contest!

The Judges are making their observations. Our first judge notes that Seleste is the youngest competitor tonight – so kudos to her for opening the show!

Quick chat with Seleste in the Green Room… or a warehouse… hard to tell…

Quick ad break for us here in Latvia, but don’t go too far! 8 more songs to go tonight 😀

And we’re back! Just in time for song #2


Pretty boy on the guitar, backed up by a quartet of female singers begging his lover to stay… my immediate reaction to this is that it would have been considered a potential winner for Eurovision… but back in the 1990s… that might sound like me being snobby, but I don’t dislike this song. It’s pleasant and moves along nicely. It feels a bit too safe to be a Eurovision winner, but it’s the kind of song that have its fans and pick up a couple of points for sure.

The judges give their thoughts on the performance, which are largely positive

Pay attention dear, you’re live across Europe!

Katrīna Bindere – I Will Break Your Heart

Smoky eyed and sultry, I had high hopes for Katrīna as the song started with those atmospheric finger clicks and red lights. And aside from incredibly cringey lyrics, it’s easily my favourite so far! Katrīna performs the piece well, and looks every bit like the girl your mother warned you about, which just helps sell the song all the more. A very slick and confident performance!

Jury seem to be debating something – unfortunately they’ve turned up the volume on the Latvian dub, so couldn’t hear what…

Am I the only one who thinks Katrīna looks a little like Greta Salome?

Edgars Kreilis – Tridymite

This song was top of our Eurovision Ireland poll (last I checked!) and I can see why!! It puts me in mind of a another Eurovision song (especially that oooohh… ooooohh… part) but can’t think for the life of me which one. This feels like the best fit for Eurovision I’ve seen so far tonight. Enough pop, enough contemporary, and the staging is good without being over-polished. I think this will certainly be one to watch for the ticket to Rotterdam. I’m impressed!

One judge reckons Edgars is a very charismatic performer, and everyone seems to have good things to say. The judge from Lithuania says she could hear a touch of Donny Montell in his voice too!

They look like they’re playing charades here 😛

And while they finish their game, we’re going to have another ad break. Oh look, James Arthur has a concert in Latvia!

Back for more? Let’s go!

Katrīna Dimanta – Heart Beats

A song called Heartbeat got Latvia into their last final – are they hoping that more than one will do more? From the moment this started, I was captivated… and not entirely sure why though, as on paper it shouldn’t work!! Joined by her two guitarists, Katrīna throws all sorts of shapes, then starts grunting and gurning like a good ‘un… I shouldn’t… but I LOVE this! It’s the kind of whacky entry that’s been missing from Eurovision since the mid-2000s and it’s brilliantly bonkers. High energy and a lot of fun! Awesome!

That’s easily got the biggest reaction of the night from the audience!

One of the judges is actually lost for words… embrace it! It’s utterly mad, but it’s fantastic!!! Another says it’s divisive. Oh of course! This is a marmite entry, you’ll ever adore the craziness of it, or hate it

Katrīna seems like a lot of fun!

Miks Dukurs – I’m Falling For You

Guitars are very popular in Latvia it seems! While at the beginning of this I was wondering if it was about to be Carousel Part 2, Miks has an incredibly soulful voice and it’s a strong, heartfelt ballad. It stands out even more from the madness that came before! It’s simple, no gimmicks and flashes, just him and his voice. Bravo!

Judge: This song nearly put me to sleep. But you did a good interpretation of it. ….. huh?? Talk about sending mixed messages!

Contemplating the judges’ critiques backstage…

Another advert break. Buy things. Or don’t. I’m a blogger, not a cop!

And we’re back for Day 38 of Supernova… I shouldn’t grumble… I could be blogging Sanremo instead!

ANNNA – Polyester

I’m utterly confused… I’m not sure if ANNNA is trying to be political (or should that be environmental?) singing about cheap clothing and consumer society, or if it is nothing so highbrow and it’s actually just a totally random subject for a song. Either way, she bounds about the stage with gusto, and looks like she’s loving her time on stage. It’s strangely catchy and hypnotic… I’m still confused by the whole package, but I’m happy… so that’s good, right?

The judges are all fawning over it – if it were down to them, I wonder if we’d have our winner! But we’ll have to wait and see what the Latvian public think

If ever a face said “please stop talking”…

It’s already time for our penultimate song!

Bad Habits – Sail With You

Yet more guitars! This is a very gruff and guttural ballad that puts me in mind of Ralph McTell and Streets of London in its subject matter. Half way through it changes tempo and goes from very country (like Yeehaw levels of country!) to a more rock ballad… I’m honestly not sure what I thought about that. It was definitely a solid performance and Bad Habits gave it their all, which is always a great thing to see.

This one seems to have divided the judges, as most comments are starting with “well I disagree…”

Just when you think you’ve seen it all, the host sniffs the contestants live on TV… 0__0

Last song of the night up now!

Samanta Tīna – Still Breathing

I recognised Samanta’s name from last year. This entry is a bit chaotic and seems to be several gimmicks stuck together haphazardly. The visor-clad backing dancers seem to be doing most of the actual singing, while Samanta yells and shimmies around stage with tassels flying. And for good measure, there’s some dubstep thrown in too (!) As a piece of staging, it was strong and cohesive. But I don’t feel her command of the stage is going to be enough to make this stand out in song contest.

“We woke up like this”

So there we have it – Latvia’s choices for Eurovision 2020! The question is, which one is going to Rotterdam?

These are the numbers you’ll need to vote. You’ll also need a phone (not included)

I suspect that was Latvian for “start voting now” – and while we have a recap, I’ll have a think and organise my thoughts on who I think will be the one (or ones!) to watch

Latvia have put on a very varied show tonight and there are a handful of songs I feel have the potential to do well at Eurovision. I have to mention Katrīna and Heart Beats, because it’s just such a riot of fun! Would it win? I highly doubt it, but it would be fun and that’s what we need more of at the contest!

If Latvia wanted to send something a little less whacky and more mainstream (ie, more likely to place on a scoreboard) then I think it has to be Edgars and Tridymite or Miks and I’m Falling For You. I also wonder if ANNNA and Polyester could be a dark horse too…

So yeah. One of those 4 will take the trophy tonight. Those are my two Euro cents 😉

And we’re back – we’ve just been shown this, but I suspect these are the results as they currently stand… Samanta seems to be taking the lead, but Katrīna Dimanta isn’t too far behind!

We’re now hearing from a scary pixelated woman in the depths of space. Don’t believe me?

Told you!

Time for another recap. Have you voted yet?

Sounds like that’s a wrap! Now Latvia, did you make good choices?

Just double checking my notes, the televote results will be added to results from an online vote too. So everything could still change from the scoreboard we saw a little earlier

Jury member makes a good point – it would have been nice to hear a song at least partly in Latvian tonight – it’s been many years since 2004 and the last (and so far only!!) song in Latvian at the contest!!

Looks like we’re getting close to announcing the winner…

Top 3 are…

In 3rd place, ANNNA

In 2nd place Katrīna Dimanta

which means in 1st place it’s Samanta Tīna – Still Breathing is going to Rotterdam!!

Thank you Latvia, I’ve been James, you’ve been Supernova, thank you Europe and good night!

Author: James Scanlan
Source: LTV

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