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#LITHUANIA: Live blog of Pabandom iš naujo! Semi-final 1 from 20.00CET

#LITHUANIA: Live blog of Pabandom iš naujo! Semi-final 1 from 20.00CET

Our friends in Lithuania are choosing their song for Rotterdam apace. Tonight is the first semi-final of Pabandom iš naujo! (We go again!). Twelve acts from the previous three weeks worth of heats compete for six spots in the Grand Final on 15 February. Will one of tonight’s songs win that trip to the Netherlands in May? A 50/50 mixture of jury and public voting will pick the four who’ll progress.

We’re blogging tonight’s show with our thoughts on what’s hot and what’s not. Tell us if you agree. You can watch the action unfold HERE or HERE.

Here we go. It’s semi-final time. Gabriele and Giedrius are with us again. And Ieva might be in the Green Room. There are five different jurors from last week. One from the legendary LT United and Monika Linkyte are two of note. We’re also getting lots of talk.

KaYra – Alligator

First on in a different outfit to her heat is Kayra. Coulrophobes might want to look away. It’s an odd staging, very contemporary but also a little ‘Road to nowhere’ too. Her song bounces along really nicely and is a great way to open things. It’s bright, fresh, quirky, and many other positive words I can’t think of. Could be in with a chance of a top four finish later.

Viktorija Miškūnaitė – The ocean

Here’s a very big frock in the Elina Nachayeva stylee. Viktorija is backed by an effective backdrop of waves crashing into a shore, and then hot lava bubbling away. Her dress matches her big big voice that flits between English (I think) and Lithuanian (I think). It’s a nice song, but this old hack thinks it’s been done before. I think it’ll struggle tonight.

Baltos Vamos – Namų dvasia

A full-blown duet is next on, with a pleasant breathy vibe. The light switches between the two singers, giving them a breather between their turns. It’s a great tune for something very light and airy – almost an airline commercial perhaps. I like it, and being solely in Lithuanian helps give it a mysterious quality. A winner? Maybe not. But it’ll score its fair share.

After three songs, we’re getting wise words from the jury.

Rūta Loop – We came from the sun

Ruta is simply dressed in lilac. Or is it white? It’s also a simple song with a decent hook and a beat that draws you in. I quite like this one, and it would go down well at a Eurovision disco in a slightly souped-up version. And there’s more elements of 1980s synthesiser sounds. A good performance.

Gabrielius Vagelis – Tave čia randu

Gab is our first male vocalist of the night. He starts his song sat in the audience. The style is very modern – almost a tad Ed Sheeran. The transition to the stage is a little clunky. However, once this gets going it ain’t half bad. It’s a builder, and his backing singers appear and disappear very quickly and without warning. That song could do something.

It’s now break time, so we get a word or two from our sponsors.

THE ROOP – On fire

This is an eagerly-awaited performance. What can they give us? Still got the magnifying glasses and simple staging. Mr lead singer is really into his quirky choreography that’s over the top – not that it detracts from the song. And the riff during the middle of the song could be the key hook of the night. If this doesn’t make the final in a fortnight, there’s something wrong.

Six down, so more extensive opinion and gesticulating from our lovely jury.

Kristina Jure – My sound of silence

Classy ballad time, and about time too. Kristina is dressed in flattering silver-grey and immediately commands the camera. This is right up my street as it’s powerful, sophisticated and really builds over the three minutes. The staging doesn’t overwhelm things either. AND there’s a key change. Absolute class. It need to qualify to give the final in a fortnight some proper decorum.

Alen Chicco – Somewhere out there

Alen is a Bohemian character. And as At home in drag as he wearing male clothing. His quirky and well thought-out staging will get votes. He’s differently attired to a fortnight ago, and this might endear him more to the public. It’s music as a piece of modern art which demonstrates Alen’s interesting vocal range. A finalist? I don’t know.

Aistė Pilvelytė – Unbreakable

Lats but not least is Aistė. Is she a ringer? Because the song screams Melodifestivalen, with all the good and bad that follows it. Formulaic? Maybe. Popular? I’ll say so. The bridge screams “vote for me”. And people will if it gets to Rotterdam. It’s a sure fire Eurovision disco song. And the four for the final is perhaps not so clear cut.

Next, some final pearls from the jury.

Left to me, it would be KaYra, The Roop, Kristina Jure and Aistė Pilvelytė. Bur what do I know?

The first results are in…

And the public vote

With the final results…

Aiste, THE ROOP, KaYra and Ruta Loop make the final two weeks tonight

I hope you enjoyed tonight’s show. Tune in next Saturday for the second semi-final. Good night!

Author: John Stanton

Source: Eurovision Ireland

Categories: Eurovision 2020

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