Eurovision 2019

#CHOIR19: Co-Produced By BBC & LTV – Not SVT

Details have emerged ahead of tonight’s Eurovision Choir in regards to who is producing the Contest – and unlike other Eurovision Events, it won’t be by the host’s Sweden.

Ieva Rozentāle from LTV (Latvia) and Peter Maniura from the BBC (UK), will both be responsible for producing this year’s Eurovision Choir. Peter assisted Ieva in the role two year’s ago, when the inaugural Contest took place in Riga, Latvia.

Ieva Rozentāle was one of the main figures behind the creation of Eurovision Choir and took the idea to the European Broadcasting Union. Ieva Rozentāle has said the following about Eurovision Choir:

“Colleagues in the European Broadcasting Union are delighted and surprised – how interesting it is that “ordinary” people can watch it and it’s not that difficult – that it is music that can appeal to anyone.”

Be sure to check our LIVE Blog of Eurovision Choir 2019 for more details!

Author: Richard Taylor

Source: Eurovoix

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