Eurovision 2019

#CHOIR19: Introducing Scotland – Alba

Scotland debut at this year’s Eurovision Choir contest in Gothenburg. This year, the Scottish will be represented by Alba and will feature seventh in the running order.

The following biography about Alba has been sourced from the EBU Press Handbook. Therefore the following biography is credited to the European Broadcasting Union:

Musician and television presenter Joy Dunlop from Argyll, Scotland leads the enthusiastic group of 33 singers drawn from all over the country who make up the Alba choir that will represent Scotland at Eurovision Choir 2019. Choir leader Joy is no stranger to the big occasion; crowned Traditional Singer of the Year & Traditional Dance Champion at the 2015 Pan Celtic Festival in Ireland, her singing career is the result of a life–long fascination with Scotland’s traditional music and has led her all over the world; from major Celtic festivals to touring the UK, Europe, Canada, Japan and New Zealand. Through her singing, she showcases Gaelic music and song in a contemporary way that always remains true to its roots.

Joy has sung all her life and took on the task of assembling a choir with typical energy, “As a lifelong fan of Eurovision, I’m absolutely thrilled to lead a choir for such a prestigious singing competition. I’ve always had the secret dream of performing on a Eurovision stage and this is a real honour.”

The choir sing in Scots Gaelic, the indigenous language once spoken all over Scotland and all the choir members regularly compete in the choral competitions in the Royal National Mod, the main festival of Gaelic literature, song, arts and culture. All the Alba choir members are drawn from existing Gaelic language choirs but assembling a choir from all over Scotland – an area of over 80,000 square km – ensures that rehearsals are a logistical challenge with choristers flying from remote islands, taking ferries and boarding trains in order to make practice sessions. Their destination is Glasgow, the spiritual home of Alba and the city where the choir, all veterans of choral competitions, gather to practice. Choir member Coinneach MacLeod, is an avid Eurovision fan and an old friend of Joy’s. He first brought Eurovision Choir to Joy’s attention, planting the seed that started Alba on their journeyto Gothenburg.

Assisting Joy on the arrangement front is musician Sileas Sinclair; a conductor, singer and teacher with a proven track record in leading choirs and arranging music. Together, they have created a unique blend of Gaelic song and harmony, with an arrangement befitting a large choir in a spectacularsetting.Harmonyisn’t thesole taskthatfaceschoristersandtogetAlbastagefit,danceteacherJade Adamson joins them to incorporate choreography and design a movement sequence to complement their music and raise their performance.

Author: Richard Taylor

Source: European Broadcasting Union

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