#BIRTHDAY: Tor Endresen from Norway is 60 today

BIRTHDAY: Tor Endresen from Norway is 60 today

We can all agree that Eurovision is a bug. It gets to you, and you can’t get enough. Sometimes you may even think it’s taken over your very soul.

It must be the same if you’re a performer. You keep trying to take part because you love Eurovision so much. Then after many years you get the gig. You feel like you have a real chance to make your mark on the world stage. You’ve even written the song yourself. Then, if you’re today’s birthday boy Tor Endresen, you don’t quite have the luck you wanted. Your score is a nice round one. The roundest in fact. What helps is that you’re not alone, and someone else gets the same score as you. If I were Tor, I’d just imagine that I was everyone’s eleventh-favourite song.

Authors: Riigi Ametnik, John Stanton


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