Eurovision 2019

#ESC2019 7 Facts About the WINNER: Duncan Laurence

Duncan Laurence – Photo by Thomas Hanses

Last night, Duncan Laurence from the Netherlands won the Eurovision Song Contest 2019, scoring 492 points.

Here are some facts about Duncan and his song Arcade you might want to know:

  1. His real name is Duncan de Moor
  2. He was born on 11 April 1994, making him 25 years old
  3. When he was young, he was bullied a lot and music became a safe haven: ‘a place where I was not insecure and where I could let my emotions run free
  4. He is a graduate of the Rock Academy in Tilberg
  5. In 2014, Duncan was a semi-finalist in The Voice of Holland
  6. Duncan’s mentor from The Voice of Holland – Ilse de Lange, one half of the Common Linnets (who finished second at the 2014 contest in Copenhagen) was the one that helped him submit his song ‘Arcade’ to represent The Netherlands at Eurovision
  7. Duncan has explained that the song is ‘inspired by the story of someone I loved deeply, who died at a young age

Duncan delivered the 5th win for the Netherlands. Congratulations to him and all his team!

Source: Eurovision Ireland,,

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  1. Nice to see a Dutch win after all these years.One of my fave countries . I remember as a 10 years old watching their last win 44 years ago . Congratulations indeed to Duncan and his team 🙂

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