#Eurovision: Back to 44 years ago : How would Duncan’s Eurovision experience have been if he had competed in 1975 ?

Well, as we all know by now , The Netherlands achieved their much awaited 5th win after 44 years of trying , with the closest they got to breaking that long wait being back in 2014 being when The Common Linnets came 2nd with “Calm after the Storm ” Had a certain Austrian not been there that year , they may well have done it.

When I saw Duncan’s win , while sitting in the comforts of my home in front of the TV, this made me cast my mind back to when I was but a mere 10 years old in 1975 and saw The Netherlands win with Teach -In and the now classic ” Ding Dinge Dong” ,which , like Duncan, had been the favourite of the media in those days to win . This is the winning performance I and many others of and above my generation would have seen on the night of 22nd March 1975 .

So….if time travel were possible and we could send Duncan back to 1975 to experience Teach-In’s world when they won Eurovision , how different would his experience have been then, as opposed to that of theirs ? I decided to take a little look down memory lane and see…


Yes…..Having Eurovision around March /April time was quite normal ! Not so long to wait after Christmas for the next contest but then all over and done very quickly. We also then had only one night instead of the three shows that we have today , no semi finals .


Duncan was up against 40 other countries during Eurovision week. In comparison , for Teach -In ,only 19 countries took part in the 1975 contest, which was ofcourse before the Iron Curtain fell and more countries wanted to take part and before the days of semi-finals . The map shows the countries that took part , in green . In yellow are countries that had taken part previously .Only 19 countries would be unthinkable these days !


In 1975 , Duncan may have needed the help of this man ……

as in those days we had a live orchestra accompanying the acts. I wonder how Arcade might have sounded with a live orchestra?🤔🤔 Harry Van Hoof was the conductor for Teach -In’s performance in 1975 and indeed for many Dutch representatives in that time period .


Duncan had the fortune to be competing in a time period where the internet is normal part of life and way to promote a song. In 1975, Teach -In would not have had the benefits of social media, No Facebook, Twitter, Instagram , Spotify or Whatsapp , uploading to YouTube or other internet sites to promote their song . And ofcourse on the night of the actual contest, there was no live streaming , which meant that your audience really was limited to whether individual countries chose to broadcast it on TV . In those days , promotion of an entry was very much about whether you were invited by a foreign broadcaster to perform in one of their TV shows .Many broadcasters also had Pre Eurovision previews on TV , showing performances by the participating countries , there would certainly be no showing clips from rehearsals and no instant opportunity to see songs as they were selected, like we get now .

Oh…and Teach -In, unlike Duncan would not have had mobile phones to call or text family/friends straightaway once they knew they had won…they would have had to wait and use one of these :


In 1975, only juries voted and Duncan would not have had Teach-In’s experience of not seeing the the jury spokesperson.. Teach -in were announced very formally as winners, none of the excitement and tension of the vote in 2019 ..and cheers from the crowds!

So there you have it , just some of the differences that Duncan would have experienced had he won at the time that Teach -In did . There are many more that I haven’t covered. Getty Kaspers , lead singer of Teach -In once said in an interview about her Eurovision experience in 1975 ” I wouldn’t like to do it today ” , I think this sums up how different her experience was to Duncan’s and how big the contest has grown since her win with Teach-In all those 44 years ago back in 1975.

So what do you think? Do you remember the last Dutch win at Eurovision 1975 ? And if you do , did you ever think that the contest would be as big as it is today, indeed still be with us today ? Please feel free to leave comments.

Author: Sarah Rudman

Source : You Tube , Wikipedia,

Image sources: GPO EscBelgium2 YouTube

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  1. It would be fun to recalculate Duncan’s results by taking into account this year’s juries’ votes only, replacing some countries which do not participate nowadays (Luxembourg, Turkey, Yougoslavia and Monaco : by the way it shows how much the contest has changed !) by others geographically or culturally close to them ?).
    Though I was not especially supporting Duncan’s song, I am glad The Netherlands have made it : it shows the way to other desperate countries that have never won or not won for ages.

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