Eurovision 2019

#TelAvivJournal: Day 5 – Memorial Day

Day 5 saw a break in proceedings here in Tel Aviv, as everything stopped for Israel’s Memorial Day. It started at sundown, 8pm, on Tuesday night and concluded at 8pm yesterday (Wednesday). Sirens sounded at both 8pm on Tuesday evening for a minute, then a further two minutes at 11am yesterday morning. To show our respect, we stood with the locals as this was the only right thing to do.

Yesterday afternoon we hit the beach and the coastline. While I knew about the copious amount of beaches there were here. What I was unaware of and was not expecting was the amount of beautiful fauna and parks that are alongside the beaches.

Last night, Tel Aviv celebrated Israel’s 71 years of independence in Rabin Square. We joined some of the locals for part of their Independence Day celebrations. After some Hall of Fame, we were treated to a traditional Israeli dance alongside fireworks. Following the fireworks, we were treated to well over an hour of Israeli Eurovision classics, sung by some unknown (to us) local artists.

Day 6 sees a return to the traditional rehearsal schedule and I’ll be back with a couple of highlights later on.

Author: Richard Taylor

Source: Eurovision Ireland

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