Eurovision 2018

#BETTING ODDS 2019 – How have today’s rehearsals affected the odds? Mon 6th May

Day 3 in Tel Aviv has brought us highs, lows and all the fun of the Eurovision Song Contest – all under a blazing 33 degree heatwave!

But how has this affected the betting odds? Once all the countries taking to the stage today had finished, we had a look at the betting odds over at to see what the bookies have made of today’s proceedings.

Whose stars are rising high? Whose staging has taken a dive? Let’s take a look at the position of the countries in the overall odds and how this compares to last week before rehearsals started!

Armenia – 24th (down 6)

Ireland – 28th (no change)

Moldova – 40th (no change)

Switzerland – 4th (no change)

Latvia – 39th (no change)

Romania – 32nd (no change)

Denmark – 19th (up 4)

Sweden – 5th (no change)

Austria – 35th (no change)

High flyers Sweden and Switzerland have held on to their high spots while the majority of others also keep their spots. Denmark are the only one to gain any ground today moving up 4 places. Armenia on the other hand have tumbled 6 places into 24th, the biggest fall we’ve seen these last few days.

Will tomorrow’s rehearsals have a bigger impact on the odds? Guess we’ll have to wait and see!

Author: James Scanlan
Image Source:

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