#BIRTHDAY: Mija Martina from Bosnia and Herzegovina is 35 today

BIRTHDAY: Mija Martina from Bosnia & Herzegovina is 35 today

I think we need to start a campaign to bring tempt countries back to entering songs in our favourite TV show. Maybe our friends at the EBU should make it cheaper to enter.

Bosnia AND Herzegovina is/are one of those countries we’d like to see back. Their take was often an interesting one, whether it was a sumptuous Adriatic ballad or a group of knitting brides. In 2003 BiH sent Mija Martina Barbarić, a former government spokeswoman. She didn’t do Adriatic ballad. Neither was she interested in knitting. She just wanted a good old banging floor-filler. She perhaps didn’t quite get the result she wanted. Only three countries put her little song in their top 10, and one of those had it first! And that country also got BiH’s maximum. I’m sure it was just coincidence.

Authors: Riigi Ametnik, John Stanton


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