Being the host country…the highs and lows of hosting the Eurovision Song contest.

So….with preparations well on track in Israel , the host country for this years Eurovision song contest , I thought this might be a good time to look at the fates and fortunes of the host country , in terms of chosen act, final result the year after winning and the financial costs of hosting the contest .

So……you’ve won the hearts of the international juries and voting public, you as the winning delegation are sat celebrating in the Winners Press conference, then Jon Ola Sand brings that nice little file to you, the penny then drops…..winning the contest means that you are first in line to host the whole thing the next year …meaning a vast expense, time and organisation. There’s also the not too small matter of considering the possibility that you could get a back to back win …meaning pressure on you to host the following year and your national broadcaster possibly being bankrupted by it !

So as the dust settles on the year’s contest, the thoughts turn to the next year and the questions being asked ; Where will the host city and venue be ? who will be the hosts? and probably on the minds of those in the host country , particularly the host broadcaster , what happens if we win again on home soil ? will we be expected to host again? Will we pick a ” safe” home act to represent us to make sure we don’t win again ?

In the weeks leading up to this years contest in Tel Aviv , I will be looking back at some of the highs and lows of the host country. Looking at how some of the past host countries have fared in the contest the year after winning , the financial implications of hosting and the countries who have achieved back to back wins, which of course includes none other than Ireland, who actually achieved a treble in the early 90’s ! In the meantime , as the contest is going to be held in Israel again this year, I thought it would be timely to end this introduction by looking back to the time when they achieved a back to back win in……

1978 ……

And 1979 …..

Author : Sarah Rudman

Source: Eurovision Ireland , You Tube

Image Source: You Tube

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