#BELARUS: Live blog of Nationalny Otber 2019 from 20.00 CET

BELARUS: Live blog of Otber 2019 from 20.00 CET

Belarus decides tonight who’ll be carrying the golden ticket to the 2019 Eurovision Song Contest in Tel Aviv in May.

Ten songs are in with a chance, and a jury will pick the winner. No televoting tonight to worry about.

You know how this works. Hit ‘Refresh’ and see our latest thoughts. You can also watch the action HERE.

Due to technical issues, I missed some of the action tonight. Big apologies for that.

But what are songs?

Michael Soul – Humanise

Scored 59 from the jury

ZENA – Like it

Scored 69 from the jury

Eva Kogan – Run

Scored 54 from the jury

BLGN & Mirex – Champion

Scored 65 from the jury

Sebastian Roos – Never getting close

Scored 62 from the jury

Alyona Gorbachova – Can we dream

Scored 59 from the jury.

PROvokatsiya – Running away from the sun

The duo have the dance routine smashed. Their song is very catchy and even their English accents are fairly credible.

Scored 55 from the jury.

Aura – Čaravala

Flutes? Well you can never have enough in an introduction. Aura is wearing lots of flowers, mainly purple in colour. Her song would do well with an orchestral backing and is the sort of mid-tempo schtick with long notes. She has a single female backing dancer with her who breaks out a ribbon towards the end of the song – when we get the key change. It’s not an unpleasant song, but maybe a tad dated for 2019.

Scored 55 from the jury.

NAPOLI – Let it go

Lots of capital letters for this act. Our singer is in a lot of clothes wrapped in pink ribbon. Naturally this plays a role during the song as her dancer winds it up and dances with it. The song title reminds me of a Disney tune, and the tune to this song would fit nicely into a Disney film. There’s lots of symbolism with the ball of ribbon. It’s not bad.

Scored 58 from the jury.

KeySi – No love lost

Our final singer is surrounded by a lace curtain that she uses to break through. She has some dancers in riot gear and little else. Take that, Hatari. The song has a powerful chorus from a powerfully-voiced KeySi. It’s neither an uptempo song nor a ballad. But she gets a big cheer at the end.

Scored 59 from the jury.

This means ZENA is our winner!

That’s it from this blog. Apologies again for the early problems.

Good night!

Author: John Stanton

Source: Eurovision Ireland

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