DENMARK 2014 : Eurovision 2014 Already breaking records and “The Trophy”

Eurovision 2013 winner - Emmelie de Forest with the Eurovision Trophy - all in one piece. Photograph courtesy of

Eurovision 2013 winner – Emmelie de Forest with the Eurovision Trophy – all in one piece. Photograph courtesy of

Eurovision 2014 is already breaking records! The most interest in bidding to host next year’s contest? No – Eurovision 2014 will be the first time that the Eurovision Microphone Trophy will have been broken!

Yes – all Emmelie and Danish Broadcaster DR had to do was carry the trophy onto the train in Malmo and take the 15 minute ride to Copenhagen. But while in Copenhagen the trophy was paraded around – all in one piece – but upon bringing the prized trophy to The Danish National Museum in Copenhagen – where it will be the centerpiece of an exhibition celebrating Emmelie’s win at Eurovision – the trophy was split in two.

The exhibition – which includes Emmelie’s dress from the contest and strangely a cast of her bare feet – and the Eurovision Trophy or should we say Trophies – is being opened today by Emmelie at 14:00 (CET) at the museum. What does one do with a broken Eurovision Glass Trophy? Well you get the glue out and stick it back together – as the Museum has done.

Now that trophy has made it all across Europe in one piece yet the internal delivery from Copenhagen to Copenhagen resulted in the prized trophy being broken in two. Is this a bad omen? First people claimed that “Only Teardrops” was a copy of a Dutch song, Then 5 cities battled it out to host Eurovision 2014, Then Parken Stadium rules itself out to the horror of the Copenhagen Bid and now a broken Eurovision Trophy – oh the signs for 2014 are looking ominous!

We take a moments silence for the trophy and we show you it during happier times

Now we know that Sweden and Denmark are very close neighbors but did Emmelie have to take a leaf out of Sweden’s Eric Saade’s “Popular” Glass Shattering performance at Eurovision 2011 – we know he was in the Green Room with you but you didn’t need to copy him. Just worship him from afar or even sing a line or 2 from his song.

Author/Website co-founder and Editor in Chief Garrett Mulhall

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