#DENMARK #MELODI GRAND PRIX 2019 Denmark in Eurovision.

On Saturday  23rd February, Denmark holds its annual Melodi Grand Prix at the Jyske Bank Boxen in Herning  to choose who will fly their flag at the forthcoming Eurovision Song Contest in Tel- Aviv, Israel. I admit to having a soft spot for Denmark due to my Danish roots and always look forward to seeing what they will choose to go to Eurovision 🙂 .

The Danes take Eurovision seriously and  this has given them  some successes with three wins to their name , in 1963 , with the wonderful “Dansevise” by the late and great Grethe and Jørgen Ingmann  , in 2000 ,the Olsen brothers and ” Fly on the Wings of love” and 2013 with Emmelie de Forrrest and ” Only Teardrops” . They have also brought us some memorable acts  over the years in Eurovision, including Birthe Kjaer, Hot Eyes and  A Friend in London .

Have a little look :


Last Year …….

Denmark chose Rasmussen to represent them in the Eurovision Song Contest in Lisbon, Portugal , with their Viking themed ” Higher Ground”. This brought success for them by way of a 9th place in the final, although surprisingly the juries didn’t seem to love them as much as the public  as while they scored poorly in the jury vote and were languishing on the right hand of the score board, the public vote  then catapulted them to the respectable 9th place.


So…….what do you think? Can Denmark  continue their success and beat last year’s 9th place .? Let’s see what they choose on Saturday .


Author -Sarah Rudman

Source -Eurovision .TV

Image Sources Eurovision .TV










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