#ITALY: Live Blog of Sanremo Final from 2030 CET

ITALY: Live Blog of Sanremo Final from 2030 CET

it’s the big night from Sanremo. Twenty-four acts have been involved in four nights of song so far, and tonight we find the overall winner.

You know what to do. Hit ‘Refresh’ to see our latest thoughts. And you can watch the action HERE.

As you know, this isn’t strictly speaking a national final. Sanremo is a stand-alone competition, and the winner is given first refusal to go to Eurovision. But they can – and have in the past – turned it down.

We’re still in the build-up, and chatting to Motta – one of tonight’s artistes.

At 2052 CET, we’ve finally started. Are you excited?

We open, with singer Claudio Balglioni in a very white suit. It’s a serious song with some serious choreography.

Our co-hosts are on stage. They look stunning.

We get introduced to the running order, and details on how to vote.

We’ll get to the voting in due course, but it’s on to the songs?

Daniele Silvestri – Argentovivo

Daniele sits behind a desk. That’s novel. There are a lot of words – it’s almost a rap but not quite. Eventually he moves away from his desk, but a hooded figure is slumped at another one. Things take an interesting turn when the synthesised voice starts. And then there’s proper rap, from the hooded figure. It has everything, and it’s only song one.

Anna Tatangelo – Le nostre anime di notte

Anna exudes sophistication and smoulders away. She opens accompanied by just a piano, before the orchestra joins in. She’s got herself a very good old Italian ballad that goes from loud and powerful to breathy. The power is definitely there and there’s nothing wrong with this song at all. Or its false ending. Marvellous.

Ghemon – Rose viola

No, not gammon. Ghemon. He’s strikingly dressed tonight. His song has a slightly lounge style to it, with a bit of speaking thropwn in for good measure. I can’t but think he’s a young blond Daz Sampson. I can tell it’s a typical Italian song, but am not sure whether the rest of Europe will get it. And he’ll have to drop the reference to Coca-Cola.

Negrita – I ragazzi stanno bene

First band of the night and they’re an eclectic bunch. We’ve gone for more laid-back schtick here. It’s almost horizontal in fact. Until the chorus which nicely awakening. Rockers who have seen a few summers and are now singing because they want to? That’s what I’m getting here. It’s not bad. Just maybe a bit dated for 2019.

Ultimo – I tuoi particolari

Ultimo is very young. A giovano maybe? He’s sat at a piano for his pleasant ballad. On screen – for me at least – slogans and words appear in the manner we saw by Italy in Lisbon. He can sing, and the powerful chorus demonstrates. Naturally, for the second verse, he leaves the piano behind and moves around the stage in a very confident manner. The orchestra really sets this off. Again, it you didn’t know the language, you could guess this was Italian. He gets the biggest crowd cheer of the night so far.

Nek – Mi farò trovare pronto

Nek means business and looks very confident and the camera seems to like him back. He’s treating this as a rock concert and I can hear Sting singing this song. He takes the unusual step of moving right to the front of the stage and singing right at the judged in the front row. I’m not sure. I’d like to see him at a Eurovision, but it’s no Fatti avanti amore.

It’s cabaret time. Our three hosts posing as jolly boulevardiers with yellow umbrellas.

More singing, but from a group of guys outside Teatro Ariston. One has a plastic carrier bag. But they can sing to be fair.

We’ve had a break, and they’ve now only gone and brought on Eros Ramazotti! He’s sounding well. He does a solo number, then a duet with Claudio. They should just send Eros to Tel Aviv!

And now Eros duets with Luis Forzi from Puerto Rico.

Loredana Bertè – Cosa to aspetti da me

The late Mia Martini’s sister has blue hair and a short dress. She’s immediately popular with the crowd too. Her voice has a hint of a 40-a-day habit. There are words galore and she’s deadly serious. And has a very powerful set of lungs on her. This might not do anything, but it’s nothing to do with Loredana. It’s just that there are better songs tonight.

Francesco Renga – Aspetto che torni

More slow piano starts Francesco’s song. He’s a man of big hair and a dapper suit. This song moves along at a sedate pace through both verse and chorus. It’s nicely laid back and he takes great delight moving around the state, and at one point plucks a young lady from the audience and serenades her! This is a pleasant enough song. It could do something, but then again not.

Mahmood – Soldi

Another youngster – a giovano. He’s bringing a bit of attitude to us, at least when his microphone works. Uno problemo technico it seems. This is more seriousness with latino spirit. However, it’s not really my thing as it’s a tad repetitive repetitive. That can work in certain circumstances, but not in a show like this. Sorry Mahmood.

Ex-Otago – Solo una canzone

Another band, but this time in fetching white suits. The lad singer sports the hipster look and starts us off in a very downbeat stylee. It’s obviously going to build, but when? At verse two it builds into something very credible and contemporary. This would appeal to a wider European audience too methinks. And there’s some cracking orchestration behind the scenes too. I like it. At the end, the lead also drags an unsuspecting lady onto stage.

Il Volo – Musica che resta

Eurovision veteran time now – they still have the scars to prove it. Their song is less popera and more laid back than before. And then we hit the chorus. It took me aback a little as to how the energy changed up a notch. Still, subtle verse and powerful (I keep using that word) chorus can’t do any harm. Can this win? It’s likely.

Another break from the competition, and presenter Virginia gives us a medley of songs.

Paola Turci – L’ultimo ostacolo

Paola is dressed for business and a fetching dark jacket. She’s as sultry as we’ve seen tonight yet there’s a very couldn’t-care-less vibe there too. She has a good song and her slight harsh (but in a good way) voice really sets it off. It’s a pleasant song we’re getting. With a tune and good delivery. Not a bad effort.

The Zen Circus – L’amore è una dittatura

Another band, of more heavy metal persuasion perhaps. They still get to use the orchestra though. Hmmm, a glockenspiel. Nice. And many many words. There’s a loose melody to this that does kick in during the song at various points. Aside from that, it’s like the lead singer is having a rant about B*e*it. It may be more for an Italian market than a wider one. In the crowd, two stormtroopers appear waving black flags. That’s a little disturbing. It’s all very baffling.

A break for chatter. It’s just what we need.

Patty Pravo con Briga – Un po’ come la vita

A very nice ballad duet awaits us. Patty is a diva with a cracking voice. Briga is younger and has a breathier voice. They contrast very well and yet work well too. It’s bringing a bit of class to proceedings. This song is a great piece of work and even if it doesn’t win, it’s an instant classic.

Arisa – Mi sento bene

Arisa has her best ballgown on and needs help down the stairs. She’s a happy soul and her song is a dramatic ballad. However, there’s more class about this – in a different way to the last song. A great performance of something very heartfelt.

Arisa, has an interesting look about her. And her song is a curious thing. It’s the nearest thing we’ve had to a Eurovision floorfiller tonight. For something uptempo, it’s lacking something. Maybe the mix isn’t quite right. Still, it’s a nice change to power and lyric galore. There’s a false ending that takes us to something very slow, which is how the song started. It’s different.

Irama – La ragazza col cuore di latta

Irama is another youngster in a gold and black jacket. It’s daring. His song is another heartfelt thing with a bit of talking during the verse. And it has a gospel choir! Wow! They could make more of themselves, which to be fair they do during the end of the song. This is not without its appeal, so could spring a nice surprise.

Achille Lauro – Rolls Royce

Achille’s lead singer rocks a unique look. As does his cohort on a guitar. I’ll say this isn’t my cup of tea, but there’s something about it in that it’s also very different to everything else. It’s a little Sinplus (CH 12) but with more attitude. And a repetitive chorus. Daring, but not a winner.

Nino D’Angelo & Livio Cori – Un’altra luce

Another duet – naturally – between two guys spanning the ages. It’s downbeat and a little introspective. There’s a little melody to it, but it’s more old guy and young guy singing at each other. A very niche song perhaps.

Federica Carta & Shade – Senza farlo apposta

We’re zipping along now. Fed and Shade give us another duet with a long piano introduction. He’s breathy and she’s more feisty in voice, if that can be a thing. There are many words in the verse but the chorus soars more. Fed is more a chorus girl while Shade works on the verse. It’s quite formulaic in construction which is neither good nor bad. But not a winner.

Simone Cristicchi – Abbi cura di me

Simone has a good head of hair on him. Mad professor? Maybe. He talks at us, accompanied by just the well used piano. Lots of talk. It’s more downbeat earnest introspection that takes a while to get going. And it’s times like this we can remember the three-minute rule doesn’t apply. It’s good, but it will get overshadowed by some of the other hi-jinks tonight.

Enrico Nigiotti – Nonno Hollywood

Enrico has a top-knot. Very Gareth Bale. And he surprises us with more talk to open his song. His singing bit kicks in earlier than some others we’ve heard. This one also has more anticipation about it. It’s going to break into something bigger, and sure enough it does for the second verse. There’s confidence and attitude about this, and it’s one of the better things we’ve heard tonight. It’s in with a chance.

Boomdabash – Per un milione

This band mean business. They’re getting the audience clapping along for starters. There’s rap but in a latino stylee. And a very animated lead singer. The other rapper has a shock of dyed red hair. It’s all very busy and an interesting double-hander of a song. They’ve got a popular one here.

Einar – Parole nuove

A youngster with more talk-singing. No piano this time, it’s an electric guitar. Einar is a very good singer and interprets this song very well. in with a chance? Well it does tick a lot of boxes with emotion, construction and decent orchestration, that could cope with a backing track instead. It could be the one.

Motta – Dov’e l’Italia

Finally, Motta has been waiting for hours and gets his chance. This is a nicely mid-tempo song with a fair amount of words and a typical set up. Wordy verse, powerful chorus – if a little repetitive – and then a bigger second verse. He’s giving it everything. I don’t think it’ll win, but what do I know?

And that’s it. Nothing now remains but the voting. And maybe some more chat. And song from the presenters.

We’ll be getting the results in reverse order.

24, Nino D’Amgelo & Livio Cori

23, Einar

22, Anna Tatengelo

21, Patty Prsavo con Briga

20, Negrita

19, Nek

18, Federica Carta e Shade

17, The Zen Circus

16, Paola Turci

15, Francesco Renga

14, Motta

13, Ex-Otago

12, Ghemon

11, Boomdabash

10, Enrico Nigiotti

9, Achille Lauro

8, Arisa

7, Irama

6, Daniele Silvestri

5, Simone Christicchi

4, Loredana Bertè

The crowd aren’t happy with some of those results!

Ultimo, Il Volo and Mahmood are the top three.

But first, it’s RAI’s Play your cards right.

Stay with us. We’ll have a result soon.

Phone lines are closed.

We’re getting a plethora of minor awards.

And here we go.

Third place goes to Il Volo

Second place goes to Ultimo

And our winner is MAHMOOD!!!

And there we have it. I hope you’ve enjoyed this blog. And the show!

Goodnight/Good morning!

Author: John Stanton

Source: Eurovision Ireland

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