Eurovision 2019

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This is the 2019 final of Eurovision You Decide, where six singers, with three songs will be vying for the United Kingdom’s spot at the Eurovision Song Contest this year in Tel-Aviv – you know the drill, join me, Richard from 18:00CET by regularly refreshing the page!

Mans Zelmerlow and Mel Giedroyc return to host the show from MediaCityUK, Salford. The panel tonight will consist of Rylan Clark-Neal, Marvin Humes and Mollie King.

Refresh from 20:30 CET

Good evening Europe and welcome to the United Kingdom and Eurovision You Decide! Mel and Mans are introducing proceedings. The new format is now been explained with each song been performed by two singers – the song-off before a final voting round.

The artists are been introduced – along with the judging panel, including head judge Rylan. The judges will decide who wins each song-off.

Kerrie-Anne – “Sweet Lies”

Joined by four dancers (in glitzy black), Kerrie-Anne is in glitzy silver. This version of “Sweet Lies” is in the genre of dance/club. The audience seem to be enjoying this, however danceable numbers always get this reaction.

Anisa – “Sweet Lies”

Anisa brings a more personal and emotive version of “Sweet Lies” to the stage. Two backing singers complement her emotive voice very well. The song works well with the softer tones and it is still winning over the studio audience.

In this song-off, the judges have decided that Kerrie-Anne will go through to the final with “Sweet Lies”.

Jordan Clarke – “Freaks”

Jordan is joined on stage by some contemporary dancers, who he interacts throughout. His version of “Freaks” sounds very Robbie Williams/Musical. The first entry of the evening also to have a strong performance/story element to it. Think Freddie Mercury!

MAID – “Freaks”

MAID oozes late 90’s/early 00’s girl band. Regrettable this sounds awful live and really does nothing. The audience look and sound bored with very little interaction between the two parties. If this goes through, it’d be one very big mistake.

In this song-off, the judges have decided that Jordan will go through to the final with “Freaks”.

Holly Tandy – “Bigger Than Us”

Holly brings a slight country/slight pop version of “Bigger Than Us”. Holly is joined on stage my two male cowboy dancers dressed top to toe in black. This is a possibility for Tel Aviv. The audience loved it.

Michael Rice – “Bigger Than Us”

Micheal sounds slightly nervous and off key vocally. He is joined on four backing singers. He has some interesting moves around the stage in his pinstripe suit. Micheal interacts with the backing singers, which is a first tonight. The Greatest Showman vibe does follow through and the audience do love him – but I’m not fully won over.

In this song-off, the judges have decided that Micheal Rice will go through to the final with “Bigger Than Us”.

Netta is now introducing Tel Aviv to the audience and the television viewers. Nice to see Mans and Mel give Bulgaria a shout out!

Kerrie-Anne is now performing “Sweet Lies” again. Generally two winning songs year-on-year don’t share the same genre – so to send this after “Toy” would be a mistake in my opinion.

Jordan is now performing “Freaks” again. He definitely delivers last year’s Czech vibe – definitely more Greatest Showman than Micheal Rice. A real story could be told through Jordan’s performance if he makes Tel Aviv.

Micheal Rice is now performing “Bigger Than Us” again. Micheal still doesn’t sound stage ready. The audience may love him, but I question myself whether this to help him through.

The voting has now opened for around ten minutes!

Netta is here with “Toy”. If Bacofoil supplies are low in your area, then Netta may have the answer!

We have ten years of Graham Norton now.

Just a few minutes left to vote. SuRe is back with a special version of “Storm”.

Voting is NOW CLOSED.

Mans and Mel are now performing a Eurovision melody. This includes “Puppet On A String”, “Congratulations”, Save Your Kisses For Me’, “Making Your Mind Up”, ‘One Step Further”, “Better The Devil”, “Ooh Ah, Just A Little Bit”, “Cry Baby” and “Love Shine A Light”.

The public have spoken and the winner is…

Micheal Rice wins with “Bigger Than Us”.

Author: Richard Taylor

Source: Eurovision Ireland

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