#AUT Getting To Know Pænda

Pænda, born on 25 January 1989 in Deutschlandsberg, Styria, was presented yesterday as Austria’s representative at the 64th Eurovision Song Contest in Tel Aviv.

Although Pænda is not yet widely known as an artist, she has already gained some experience with a larger audience, for example during Donauinselfest in Vienna or as the opening act for UK singer Jesse J.

Before following her dream as an independent solo artist, Pænda competed in the German casting show “Popstars” back in 2015. Below you can see her very first audition and probably her first ever public performance singing Ella Hendersons “Ghost”.

Pænda is a one-woman show. She writes and composes all of her songs, she plays all the instruments herself, and she is also the producer of her tracks. Her unique sound is quirky, distinctive, future-oriented and full of energy. Pænda produces modern electronic pop with influences from EDM, House, Hip Hop, and Trap.

Her Eurovision entry “Limits” will be released in the coming weeks and
Pænda believes that will stand out clearly from her previous sound: “It’s about your own limits that you set yourself – or not. Also, the song wasn’t written especially for Eurovision. I think that makes it even more interesting to listen to as it really comes directly from the heart.

“Limits” will be also featured on her second album “Evolution II” which will be released on 26th April this year, following her debut album “Evolution” released February 2018.

What Pænda loves about the Eurovision Song Contest is, that it shows Europe from its best side, standing for cultural diversity and tolerance which she believes is the central message of the Contest. “It has not quite arrived in my head that I will represent Austria at the Eurovision Song Contest. I’m basically very purposeful and ambitious. My goal is that I and all those who are involved are 100 percent satisfied. You can not ask for more than that, I believe.”

Pænda will represent Austria in the 1st Half of Semi Final 2 on the 16th of May at the 64th edition of the Eurovision Song Contest in Tel Aviv, Israel, sharing the same Semi Final with Ireland.

Author: Sascha Frasz

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