#FRA: Destination Eurovision Semi-final Two

FRA: Destination Eurovision Semi-final Two

One semi-final down, one to go. As you may have seen from last Saturday, four will make it through to final of Destination Eurovision (DE) on Saturday 26 January. You’ll be able to follow all of the action on France 2, TV5Monde and TV5Québec. It’ll also be online on those broadcasters’ respective websites.

You can have a look at which songs are already there by clicking HERE.

But what are the nine songs competing for the remaining four berths?

Doutson – Sois un bon fils

Emmanuel Moire – La promesse

Gabriella – On cherche encore (Never get enough)

Noémie – Ma petite famille

Philipelise – Madame la paix

Seemone – Tout les deux

The Divaz – La voix d’Aretha

Tracy de Sá – Por aqui

Hugo – Ce qui me blesse

As before, each performer will perform a short cover of a song before the one they’re hoping will qualify. Some of these covers have a Eurovision connection, and they’re not always in the style you’ll be used to. It’s a nice touch, to perhaps demonstrate the singer’s range.

A 50/50 basis of televoting and international jurors will decide the results. The five jurors this week are Christer Björkman (Sweden), Zoë Straub (Austria), Mikolas Josef (Czech Republic), Natia Mshvenieradze (Georgia) and Anushik Ter-Ghukasyan (Armenia). You’ll probably recognise some of those names. As you may have seen from the first semi-final, the public and jurors don’t always agree. That’s what makes it exciting.

Madame Monsieur won DE 2018 with Mercy. Here’s an extract of the performing at DE.

We at EI will be blogging the second semi-final. It starts at 21.00 CET on Saturday 19 January.

Author: John Stanton

Source: Eurovision Ireland, France 2

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