Eurovision 2019

#ROMANIA Mihai Alexandru “I’ve cought the Eurovision bug 25 years ago” #Interview #DearFather

Laura Bretan and Mihai Alexandru in the Studio

So we’ve showed you yesterday what Laura Bretan told us about her Eurovision hopes, but let’s see what says the man behind the scene – Mihai Alexandru – the composer of her song (Dear Father) for Selectia Nationala 2019.

Hello! We are honored you have accepted our interview.
Hello! I am honored as well by your invitation to take this interview.

We know that you are a true fan of Eurovision. When did this passion begin?
It’s been 25 years since I’ve caught the Eurovision bug, in 1992 – when I participated for the first time in the National Selection.
This one will be my 19th participation. I represented Romania at Eurovision Song Contest twice as a composer; the first time in 2003 with Nicola at Riga-Latvia, and the second time in 2017 with Ilinca and Alex Florea in Kiev-Ukraine.

How did you get to work with Laura Bretan for SN 2019?
This year I was very determined not to submit an songs, but 6 days before the closing period for submitting entries for Selectia Nationala I received a call from Paul Nanca -Laura’s manager- and he made me a proposal. I was not allowed to refuse such a proposal.

Do you already have a vision for staging? If so, can you tell us the secret?
We need to gather and change ideas, ideas and see each one’s vision.

Who do you have in mind for backing-vocals?
At this moment I’m thinking of 5 beautiful young people (3 girls and 2 guys) classically trained at the conservatoire.

What message do you want to send to the fans of this song?
I want to tell them that I want them to be proud of us and we will do our best to finish as high as possible in the final ranking if we are elected to represent Romania.

Mihai Alexandru, Ilinca &Alex Florea
Picture source: , copyright: Alexander Avram

Thank you very much and hope to see you in Tel Aviv!
May God help us to go to Tel Aviv!

Author: Bogdan-Stefan Fedeles

Source: Eurovision Ireland, Mihai Alexandru,

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