Eurovision 2018

#ASIA: Still In Early Development?


Last year, the Eurovision Asia Song Contest was announced and was expected to debut some time this year – with even Kazakhstan suggesting October as a possible date. Sadly, nothing has yet to come to fruition and our friends over at escXtra have gone to the European Broadcasting Union and received a reply:

“Work on bringing the Eurovision Song Contest to Asia is still ongoing and EBU are working closely with the organisers to help them bring it to fruition. It’s still early in the development process but once the team are at the point they are able to talk about timings we will be sure to make an announcement.”

While the European Broadcasting Union have given this response to escXtra, another source close to Eurovision Ireland have give another response to the delay. Two of the biggest broadcasting nations in the region, China and Japan, are refusing to sign up because the Contest isn’t a strictly home-grown format. Without these two nations, our source has said the Contest wouldn’t be able to be financed by the rest of the interested nations.

Only time will tell whether we see the Eurovision Asia Song Contest or not.

Author: Richard Taylor

Source: escXtra & Eurovision Ireland

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