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#ESC19: Israeli Politicians Want To Invite Arabic Nations – But There Is One Slight Problem…

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Since Netta took victory for Israel in Lisbon with her song ‘Toy’, various Israeli politicians have come out with a range of statements. The one to have grabbed the most attention since Lisbon, is probably the following:

Israeli Arabic Statement

The statement in English, reads as follows:

“The Israeli Minister of Communications “will invite Saudi Arabia, Dubai and Abu Dhabi (United Arab Emirates) and Tunisia and other countries in the region to participate in next year’s competition in Jerusalem.”

While some of these Arab nations and their broadcasters are eligible to take part, others aren’t. The ones that are include Algeria (ENTV, ENRS, TDA), Egypt (ERTU), Jordan (JRTV), Lebanon (Tele Liban), Libya (LNC), Tunisia (ERTT) and Morocco (SNRT). Morocco did take part once in 1980, with Samira Bensaid representing them with the song, ‘Bitaqat Hob’.

Video: YouTube/SamiraVideo

Nations such as Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates and Qatar are unfortunately ineligible to participate – but why? The simple answer and the answer the European Broadcasting Union would use is that they don’t fall within the European Broadcasting Area. So while the Israeli politicians want these nations to take part, only a select few could, if they wish.

Author: Richard Taylor

Source: escXtra

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