Eurovision 2018

#IRELAND Donna McCaul for Ireland 2019? #EurovisionComebacks


Donna and Joe – Eurovision 2005 Picture: RTE/YouTube

Back in 2005 Donna McCaul and her brother Joe represented Ireland at Eurovision in Kyiv with the pop song “Love?”

Even though they failed to qualify into the final, obtaining 53 points and thus being on the 14th spot (in the Semi Final), they will always be in the Eurovision history book.

A few days ago Donna declared for The Irish Sun that she would be happy to represent Ireland again at Eurovision, despite the polemics around the subject of where it’s going to be hosted next year.

Donna stated:

“Eurovision is like the Olympics, it’s about unity and inspiring people.

I’ve been waiting for a chance to represent Ireland for a long time, and I would be excited to do it in Israel next year.

I don’t think politics should affect whether we send an entry to Eurovision. Israel won with a great entry this year.”

Would you like to see Donna back on the Eurovision main stage?

Author: Bogdan-Stefan Fedeles

Source: The Irish Sun

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