Eurovision 2018

#SLOVENIA – LIVE BLOG of EMA 2018 #AllAboard from 20:00 CET


Dober večer Evrope in dobro jutro Avstralija! This is Ljubljana calling! Tonight we’ll find out who Slovenia will be sending to the Eurovision Song Contest in Lisbon!

Sit back and relax, and let Eurovision Ireland’s own James Scanlan entertain and inform you. As always, feel free to tell me what you think and give your opinions about tonight’s Final and who your favourites are!

Tonight’s show comes to us courtesy of Slovenian broadcaster RTVSLO live from their Studio 1 in Ljubljana, Slovenia’s gorgeous capital. The winner will be selected by both the Slovene public and a jury, whose votes will each count as 50% of the result.

You know the drill: Just refresh this page to get the comments and points of view!

You can watch the live show HERE from 20:00 CET.

8 acts will perform tonight, but there can only be one winner! Singing tonight we have (in order of appearance):

  1. Lea Sirk – Hvala, Ne!
  2. Indigo – Vesna
  3. INA SHAI – Glow
  4. BQL – Promise
  5. Marina Martensson – Blizu
  6. Lara Kadis – Zdaj Sem Tu
  7. Proper – Ukraden Cvet
  8. Nuška Drašček – Ne Zapusti Me Zdaj


sisiGood evening everyone and welcome to Eurovision Ireland’s live blog of EMA 2018, Slovenia’s route for choosing their representative in Lisbon! Show starts in 5 mins, so don’t go too far!


Blimey, it’s going to be cold in Slovenia tomorrow!! 0____0

Omar Naber, winner of last year’s EMA… I liked the song, shame it didn’t qualify


Our hosts for tonight… I like her hair, very striking!

He’s very amused, she isn’t…  this bodes well for the rest of tonight!



Quick look inside the Green Room… or potentially Ljubljana bus station…

Enough stilted comedy, bring on the songs!

Lea Sirk – Hvala, Ne!

Lea is kicking us off tonight with her song which means “No thanks!” It’s all very urban with a good thumping beat and the dancers actually add to the performance (a rarity at Eurovision!) With all the ethno-ballads being selected elsewhere in Europe, this has the potential to stand out as a dance/trance track. It’s a bit repetitive, but if this played at a nightclub, we’d all go wild!


The guy with the pony tail skipped dinner, obviously…

Indigo – Vesna

A moment ago the hosts were talking about influences of the Slavic peoples and I can see why! Looking like she’s stepping right out of an 18th century peasant wedding (in the nicest possible way!), the lead vocalist looks stunning and sounds like an angel. As a performance, I love it, a good strong ethno vibe. Would it do well at Eurovision? Honestly, I suspect not, which is a real shame. But for fans of new age chanting with a side order of culture, this is brilliant!


Adverts time – they show us things so we buy them!

Super vikend? Yes it is! 5 national finals in one night! Don’t forget to drop by John’s Ukrainian blog and Bogdan’s Moldovan blog – they’re already live! Andrew and Richard will be covering Hungary and Latvia later when those start! 😀

And we’re back!


Girl in the sparkly pink dress looks as happy as you’d expect for having a fake beard thrust in your face on live television “What have I told you about bearding the talent?!”

Mogoče, mogoče… or as Valentina Monetta would say, maaaaaaaayyyybbbeeeee


One of the only two English songs tonight. Visually, it’s stunning. It’s one of those simple songs that doesn’t bamboozle you with lyrics, but gives a sombre chord and a memorable hook. For the first time tonight, I’ve seen a song and thought “Oooh now!” – could this be one to watch?


BQL – Promise

Oh, so that’s how you say their name! BeKewl… I’ve been calling them Be-Kyu-El all week… silly me… for me, this song sounds like any one of hundreds of boy band/boy duos songs that don’t offer much musically. Glowing guitars, flashing lights and young handsome (if you like that sort of thing…) guys are carrying the number from me. Eurovision Ireland’s readership have pegged this one to do well, but for me it’s a case of style over substance…


Oh, if there was only a picture for contempt in the dictionary… it would be her facial expression looking at him!

Marina Martensson – Blizu

From all that flash and bang, we move to a really intimate and understated performance from Marina. All the close camera angles and sultry and longing looks down the camera make it feel like she’s singing just for you – which is lovely for this show, and for those watching at home, but I fear in a massive Portuguese arena in May, this would get utterly lost. Shame, as it’s a pretty little melody!


Lara Kadis – Zdaj Sem Tu

After an extended segment on… something… we’re being serenaded by Lara, who looks every inch a Disney princess in her pretty pink gown. The song has a good beat, but flip-flops a little between ballad and pop. Her vocals are very strong and she connects very well with both the camera and the arena/studio audience. This wouln’t be a bad choice to send to Lisbon


Advert time! Save the economy, spend money!!!

Back in the Green Room… looks slightly like a hostage situation… oh, there’s Omar Naber!

Proper – Ukraden Cvet

Called “Stolen Flower” (or possibly Stolen Colour) I had high hopes. But it’s emerged as quite a slow ballad. Once in a while, a moment perks up like it’s trying to flourish, but it doesn’t quite manage it. At least they all look smart in their suits. Sorry guys, this didn’t do much for me.


Nuška Drašček – Ne Zapusti Me Zdaj

Our final song of the night! Entitled Don’t Leave Me Now, I’m immediately put in mind of a Slovene language production of the musical Chicago. It’s all dark costumes and red lighting. A touch repetitive and bit of an aggressive delivery. It tries to be both a sing-along anthem and a dance track, but doesn’t do either idea justice.


So that’s it! One of those 8 acts will sing for Slovenia in Lisbon – but who! Well, after this recap, it’s over to the Slovene public for their say!

If you missed it, here are the numbers you need to vote! Charges apply and you probably need to be in Slovenia to vote…


While Slovenia enjoy this interpretive dancer, I’m going to compile my thoughts about who I think should/will win tonight – be right back!


OK, so while the big fuss seems to be centring on BQL, I honestly think this would be a mistake. Should Slovenia want to make it back to the final, I think Ina Shai and Glow is the way forward. I know, I never thought I’d see the day when I trump and English language song over 6 potential choices in Slovene either!

If I had to pick one of the entries in Slovene, it has to be Lara Kadis with Zdaj Sem Tu. Stunning vocals, simply staged and has the power to (maybe) carry Slovenia to the final.

These are my thoughts, but let’s see what the people of Slovenia think!


You better werk!


A little trip down memory lane with former Eurovision entrant for Slovenia, Maja Keuc! She gave Slovenia their highest scoring entry at Eurovision back in 2011 and remains unbeaten till this day. Can one of the artists tonight take her crown?

More adverts! Watch the ads and win… nothing… I’m just live blogging! 😉

And we’re back in Ljubljana!

And the votes from the jury are in! OGAE Slovenia are voting first…

Lea Sirk gets the first 12!


And the next 12! Not many points for Glow so far…

Hvala, Ne! takes another 12 from radio professionals!


Maja gives a handful of points to Glow, but another 12 to Hvala, Ne! BQL not doing as well as I imagined they would either!

12 points from the International Jury to Glow – see… SEE?? Told you Slovenia, this is what the rest of Europe would vote for!!

And a brief break… oh, the suspense!!

We’re back… ready for some results?!

And it’s the results of the televote… Glow gets the lowest amount of points *bangs head against keyboard*

next points go to Proper, then Lara Kadis

Nuška Drašček gets the 2nd highest…

BQL get the highest set of points from the televote, but it isn’t enough to knock Lea Sirk off the Top Spot!

Lea Sirk wins with Hvala, Ne! and is going to Lisbon!

Congratulations Lea! And a big thank you to everyone out there for reading along tonight! Remember, Super Saturday is far from over, so check out my colleague’s blogs too!

Author: James Scanlan

Source: RTVSLO


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