#UKRAINE: #AllAboard for the Live Blog of Vidbir 2018 Final


#UKRAINE: #AllAboard for the Live Blog of Vidbir 2018 Final

Ukraine will tonight a song that they hope will give them their third triumph at the Eurovision Song Contest. Over the last two weeks, 18 songs have been whittled down to six. Who will win tonight?

We’ll be blogging the events as they happen in Kyiv, and bringing you the result. As ever, hit refresh to see how things are progressing. You can also watch the action HERE.

It’s started. In about two days, Ukraine will have a representative. We first get to see the finalists as they are introduced and come onto the stage. Big cheers for Mélovin. Is that a portent?

The three jurors are the same as ever, and they’re votes will contribute 50% of the eventual result.

But enough chat, it’s time for song

Kadnay – Beat of the universe

Spotlights and dramatic red lighting open this song. They appear to mean business and seem less dressed than in the semi-final. But in addition to the trio Kadnay, there are three young ladies providing backing vocals. It’s very funky, if a little light on the rock motif they’re really trying to put across. But I might appeal to those who picked O.Torvald last year. And the dancing during the instrumental break is rather jolly in a Tyrolean sort of way. Not a bad opener.

51 Kadnay

Tayanna – Lelya (see her interview with EI HERE)

We get this song in Ukrainian. Tayanna is in a peach-coloured suit that looks a little too big for her. It just means she can move more. It’s a full routine with her, her dancers and some backing singers that are also getting into the groove. It’s lively, and annoyingly catchy. The pyros give it the finishing touch and the shots of the audience getting on down might also give it the edge. And if it wasn’t all there, she gives us a key change too.

During the chat with the juries, the song’s backing track comes on and Tayanna spontaneously starts singing because there’s a lip-synching allegation made. She wasn’t lip-synching. And we get a heckler in the audience. What larks!

52 Tayanna

Of course, Vidbir wouldn’t be Vidbir without a break for some adverts. Which we get now.

And we’re back. How was the three-course meal you had time to prepare and eat?

The Erised – Heroes

Silver and black are the themes here. The song takes a while to get going, even though the lead singer aims for drama in her delivery. The first chorus is when the song really grabs you, but by then it might be too late. At times, there seem to be too many words for it to scan properly. I also have an issue with some of the English intonation going on here. I don’t think this will be a challenger, as the strength comes from the tune, and not the lyrical performance. The explosion of feathers is an interesting touch though.

53 The Erised

Before the next song, we get a little montage of stuff going on elsewhere. Clips of the songs from France, Germany, Denmark, Czech Republic, Switzerland, and Belarus. And shots of behind the scenes in ESC-related shows. It’s all very UEFA Champions’ League.

Laud – Waiting

His name is pronounced “loud” and he has a soul-ly voice and a laconic delivery. The staging is very simple and relies more on trendy camera angles than pyro histrionics. He seems very assured and looks like he really wants this. Even his false ending is well-staged. My only criticism is that it could be a two-minute song stretched to three minutes.

54 Laud

Time for more words from the many many sponsors, which no doubt include

And we’re back again.

Vilna – Forest song

We’ve missed that ethnic Ukrainian vibe, so here’s Vilna to provide it. As a resident of Nottingham, I thought this would be a football-inspired song. She has her drum-playing animals in tow again and all we’re missing is Roger Pontare. Again, there could be questions over the English intonation, but this is more a stage show than a performance relying on the song alone. Definitely ethnic and definitely noteworthy. But maybe not quite tonight’s winner.

55 Vilna

Mélovin – Under the ladder

Finally, it’s the scary-eyed favourite. In some quarters anyway. But he’s definitely not Edward Scissorhands. More stark red lighting again, and he immediately gets into his groove. Overall, it’s another very catchy song that builds well and bounces along very competently from start to finish. He hits the piano again towards the end of the song, but unlike the semi-final it’s at the top of a very tall staircase, which appears to be on fire. I can’t help but think of the Makemakes. It stands a chance, but could be just a little too serious to do much in Lisbon if it gets there. He is, however, the most popular bunny with the audience.

56 Mélovin

The lines are open for the Ukrainian public to vote.

Well there’s a winner in there somewhere. As before, the transmission tonight is in two parts. Part Two starts in about one hour (21.15 CET). Don’t forget to come back later!

For those who stay tuned to the Ukrainian feed, we get a treat. As there seemed to be an age between each of the six songs, they’re now being played back to back. This gives a much better idea of which is best.


And we’re back for the business end of things. We open with Tayana singing ‘Amar pelos dois’. You might remember it from a certain contest last May. It was popular apparently.

Kadnay are on next, and they sing ‘Waterloo’. It won too, sometime in the 1970s I think. But I could be wrong.

The Erised give us part of ‘Molitva’. Very nice and dramatic. Mélovin has chosen ‘Rise like a phoenix’.

Vilna now comes on stage and sings ‘1944’. A local favourite. Finally, Laud gives us his impression of ‘Euphoria’. It’s different I’ll give it that.

That was all very jolly. We thank the house band and are reminded that ‘’ is one of tonight’s main sponsors.

It’s 22.45 local time and the lines for the Ukrainian public to call and text/SMS have now closed. All we need to do now is reel off the results. In a while.

We need an interval act now. Who could it be? Someone called Jamala it seems. Her new song is called ‘Krila’. The stage looks like the Batcave.

60 Jamala

And onto the results…

First the jury.

Tayanna – 6 pts

Mélovin – 5 pts

Laud – 4 pts

Kadnay – 3 pts

The Erised – 2 pts

Vilna – 1 pt

In association with PWC, the public vote is in, and we’ll get it shortly.


99 Final scores


And the winner is…



Author: John Stanton

Source: Eurovision Ireland, NTU Ukraine

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