Eurovision 2018

#MACEDONIA – Eye Cue are #AllAboard with “Lost and Found” for Lisbon!


Two former Yugoslav states for the price of one! Just hours after Croatia revealed their Eurovision 2018 singer, Macedonia have now done the same – and it’s going to be Eye Cue with “Lost and Found”!

Eye Cue are a Macedonian rock and alternative group made up of Bojan Trajkovski (Vocals/Guitar), Ivo Mitkovski (Drums) and Marija Ivanovska (Vocals) who have performed their own material since first forming in 2007.

Although their song “Lost and Found” has yet to be released, we know that it won over the hearts and ears of MRT out of the 382 entries that were submitted for their consideration. The track was written by Bojan Trajkovski, while the arrangements were done by Darko Dimitrov.

Macedonia haven’t qualified for a Eurovision final since 2012 – can Eye Cue’s song find them back in the final? 😉

Let us know what you think!


Author: James Scanlan

Source: Facebook / ESCBubble

Image Source: ESCBubble


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