#SWEDEN: Live blog of Melodifestivalen! #AllAboard at 20.00 CET


#SWEDEN: Live blog of Melodifestivalen! #AllAboard at 20.00 CET

One of the most popular events of the Eurovision calendar is Sweden’s very own Melodifestivalen. A behemoth of an event over six weekends. Tonight is week two, and we’ll see two more songs go ‘direkt’ to the final on Saturday 10 March, with two more getting another go on Saturday 3 March. David Lindgren and Fredrik Svensson are our hosts.

You can watch the action HERE.

You know what to do: hit refresh to see what we at Eurovision Ireland think.

And we’re off. With David Lundgren pole dancing to ‘Staying alive’ by the Bee Gees! It’s eye-catching if you like that sort of thing. OK, it’s an introduction if ever there was one. With that tomfoolery over, and his antics with a couple of sponges, he’s now donned a boxer’s sparkly dressing gown.

Fab Freddie is very sparkly too. And shouting into his microphone. Has someone told him he doesn’t need to do that?

Tonight’s songs are:

Samir & Viktor – Shuffla

They always look very pally do this pair of likely lads. It’s suitably Schlager-ey and upbeat. We all need to get down and thrust ourselves around to this. The crowd, to be fair, love it and it’s always a party when Sam & Vik are around. A qualifier? Maybe.

01 Vik & Sam

Ida Redig – Allting som vi sa

More show stuff here, with a slightly more stereotypical Swede belting out a song with very rocky overtones. Think Vanilla Ninja. But with more flashing lights. It’s actually not bad, but I think there are an awful lot of words in the lyric. A qualifier? Borderline.

02 Ida

Jonas Gardell – Det finns en väg

Jonas means business, as he’s discarded a jacket and rolled his sleeves up. This song is great. It’s anthemic, optimistic (and I can’t speak the language) and will get the voting. Forget he’s a man of mature years. Just give it a listen and you’ll be hooked.

03 Jonas

Margaret – In my Cabana

Margaret hails from Poland so can’t really speak Swedish. She’s got her mates on stage who don’t mention the orangeness of her outfit. They just dance with her. This is nice and funky in an American R&B style, which makes it nice and modern. It’s one of those performances where the camera – a steadicam perhaps – just follows her around the stage for large parts of the song. It’s a show, nit just a song. A qualifier – probably.

04 Margaret

Stiko Per Larsson – Titta vi flyger

Band time again, and they’ve kept their instruments simple. Stiko – fronting the band – has a refreshingly happy attitude to the challenge ahead of him, and he’s selling this song very well. I don’t think it’s winner, and it’s the song that Manel Navarro wanted to sing but couldn’t quite write.

05 Stiko

Mimi Werner – Songburning

Mimi has dry ice around her feet to give this a dramatic feel. Her voice is different, almost like the late Dolores O’Riordan but less powerful. It’s a formula song and the lyric has plenty of repetition. She makes good use of the catwalk and has a scattering of drummers referred to in the song. And she finishes with a very healthy dose of golden pyros from above. There’s plenty of style here, but I fear for the substance.

06 Mimi

LIAMOO – Last breath

Not one for those who need to avoid strobe lighting this. Liamoo is a rapper amidst more dry ice. He’s alone on stage, unlike the other performances tonight. His lyric is pleasant enough and seems to be from the heart. However I’m not sure whether rap is a good idea.

07 Liamoo

Wow! That was a speedy run through the songs, so all it remains now is to have a recap, throw open the phone lines and see what happens.

To fill the interval, we look at Swedish music through the years. Not just Eurovision stuff, but ordinary music too. Petra Marklund then comes on stage and sings at us. Lots of wooden chairs and finger-clicking.

Fab Freddie is back. Oh joy. He’s talking to audience members.

Onto the results. We see the top five, which are…

09 results

There’s more voting now so we cut to the Green Room and see posters of semi-naked presenters. And parrots.  We also see more of Fab Freddie, which they won’t let near the stage. A wise move.

But we want the results. First out of the hat, to the final, is…

Samir & Viktor with ‘Shuffla’. They seem happy. They sing their song again.

Before the next result, we see David in his pants. He then dresses. He thinks he’s Lill Lindfors.

Next is an Andra Chansen song. Which is…

Mimi Werner with ‘Songburning’

She’s joined in Andra Chansen by…

Margaret with ‘In my Cabana’

The other place in the final is…

LIAMOO with ‘Last breath’

He sings/raps his song.


So that’s is from the Scandinavium in Göteborg. The action continues next weekend with the third semi-final of Melodifestivalen 2018 from Malmö.

I hope you enjoyed the show. Catch you soon.


Author: John Stanton

Source: Eurovision Ireland SVT

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