Eurovision 2018

#POLL – Who is YOUR favourite in the #UK’s Eurovion: You Decide?


Many of you waited up late last night for the news of who was in the running to represent the United Kingdom at the Eurovision Song Contest in Lisbon this May. If you missed it (seriously, how could you? It’s been blowing up social media EVERYWHERE!) have a look at the announcement HERE.

So now we know both the singers AND the songs taking part in Eurovision: You Decide – so we thought it was time you did just that: decide who YOUR favourite is! Check out all the songs below and then vote in our poll!

We’re not sure why the stills for all the videos feature the Ukrainian flag… come on BBC, Kyiv was sooo last year! It’s Lisbon time baby! 😉 EDIT: This has been fixed now. Still, gave us a good giggle!

Asanda – Legends

Goldstone – I Feel The Love

Jaz Ellington – You

Liam Tamne – Astronaut

RAYA – Crazy

SuRie – Storm


Finished Making Your Mind Up? VOTE!

Last year the UK finished a respectable 15th in Kyiv  – can one of these artists get the UK back into the Top 10? Could one of them even bring home the gold?

Let us know what you think!


Author: James Scanlan

Source: YouTube

Image Source: BBC

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