Eurovision 2017 – The Diary of A Eurovision Virgin! – Part 1

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Ok so for the ones of you who don’t know, my name is Bogdan and I started writing for Eurovision Ireland about two years ago.

My first Eurovision memmory is from 1994, but my real passion for the contest started in 1995 when Norway won with Nocturne. I was mesmerized by the beauty of a song that had little words but made so much sense to me.

I’ve never immagined back then that one day I’ll be able to see it finally Live. That year was this year. It took me a while to get there but I did it. I’m not a “virgin” anymore! I was blessed to be part of a phenomenon that inspired my life.

As a fan, I’ve always watched/read news from other sites. Thank God I was born in times of the internet :))

Day1 – Sunday April 30th: Arriving at noon in Kyiv after one stop in Budapest, being stuck in an elevator for 90 minutes… I couldn’t wait to get my press badge. My first press badge!

I was amazed by the amount of security at the International Exhibition Centre and how well-organized was everything.

The scan confirmed my identity and I was in. I opened the gates of the Press Centre and was so excited and happy just to be there. Was looking for my coleagues from Eurovision Ireland and was wondering where will my seat be. The first person I recognized in the big room was a guy from another website. I did not immagine that my voice would be so loud and I found myself almost shouting to James “It’s x!” (won’t say the name).

I can’t tell you how embarassed I was when he heard me and turned around. Later on he did say hi to me. If you’re reading, you look like a nice person. Maybe in the future I’ll have a chance to properly introduce myself. No shouting! :))

After that, I finally met my other coleagues Richard and Andrew and saw where is my seat (for the day). Plugged in my laptop and with eyes wide open waited for the big screens to show me the rehearsals. Unfortunately we missed almost all of them.


I was just in time to see Dihaj from Azerbaijan. The screens are covered with copyright warnings. So no filming allowed in the Press Area.

Ok. The song starts. Dihaj in a 3 wall box. She seems to be in a trance, pulling some Poland 2014 moves. I’m smiling. Is she having some sort of a meltdown? What was that? A man with a horse head? I start laughing, but I’m not the only one. Was not expecting that. I like the theatratics, the drama. Whoever staged that had some really weird dreams. Scarry, funny in a way but entertaining and memmorable.

I laughed again at the second screening of the rehearsal a few minutes later. P.S. I still hear thorgies! 🙂

John and Phil are here!

Portugal next. Love, love the song. Sobral isn’t there though. People saying health problems. Luisa, his sister and composer is on the stage instead of him. I understand bits of portuguese but know what’s the song about. Luisa sings alone on the second stage. The one circular in the front of the main one. We all sit in quiet. I think we all want Portugal to do well. Some adult man are sobbing at the end. I’m almost there too. I covered live the Portuguese Semi Final when Sobral qualified. Sience then I fell in love with the song and its message. I’m sad. I’m thinking of my own life and it almost makes me cry. People have to connect to a song. This does that, at least for me. The rehearsals for the day are over. I’m sad and hungry, but still excited. Dinner time!

To be continued.

Author: Bogdan Stefan


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