#EUROVISION: The draw for the 2017 Grand Final

Here it is. It’s the draw for the Grand Final on Saturday night.

1. Israel

2. Poland

3. Belarus

4. Austria

5. Armenia 

6. Netherlands 

7. Moldova 

8. Hungary 

9. Italy 

10. Denmark 

11. Portugal 

12. Azerbaijan 

13. Croatia 

14. Australia 

15. Greece 

16. Spain

17. Norway 

18. United Kingdom 

19. Cyprus 

20. Romania 

21. Germany 

22. Ukraine 

23. Belgium 

24. Sweden 

25. Bulgaria 

26. France 

Where does your favourite song fall? How do you rate it’s chances in this draw? Tell us what you think. 

Author: John Stanton 

Source: Eurovision Ireland, EBU

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  1. I think it is between Italy, Bulgaria and Portugal – any of them could win.Would be delighted if Portugal win as a win is long overdue! An upset might come form the UK. I think Armenia might just slip into the Top 5. Worried that Romania might do well too… 🙂 Otherwise I think Spain, Austria and Croatia will be battling for last place…

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