Eurovision 2017

#Eurovision “Brides’ Parade” 2017- Who’s your favorite? #POLL


We’ ve seen almost all rehearsals by now and the ladies want to steal the spot light with their astonishing gowns.  But what got our attention were the ladies in white, our own “Eurovision Brides”.

So without other further ado here there are:

  1. Albania – Linditaalbania
  2. Belgium – Blanchebelgium
  3. Belarus – Ksienija Žuk


4. Estonia – Laura


5. Malta – Cladia Faniello


6. Iceland – Svala


7. Moldova’s backing singers


8. Poland – Kasia Mos

poland bride

9. Serbia – Tijana


So the question is who is your favorite “Eurovision Bride”? Vote in the poll below!

Author: Bogdan Fedeles

Source: Eurovision Ireland

Picture source: eurovision. tv (Andres Putting)

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