Eurovision 2017

#RUSSIA withdraws from Eurovision 2017


It’s been on the forefront of most Eurovision fan’s minds these last few weeks – would Russia compete in Kyiv? Today, we have our answer…

After weeks of frantic attempts by the EBU to broker a compromise between Russia and hosts Ukraine,  none have proved successful and Russia has announced they are withdrawing from this year’s contest.

The decision comes after Ukrainian authorities denied Russian contestant Yuliya Samoilova clearance to enter the country after it transpired she had performed in Crimea – a region disputed between Russia and Ukraine.

Although Yuliya will now no longer sing for Russia in 2017, both Russian broadcasters responsible for Eurovision, Rossiya-1 and Channel One, have stated that Yuliya will sing for Russia at Eurovision 2018, regardless of venue or winning country. This would theoretically give her the longest promotion time of any singer in the history of Eurovision.

What do you think of the decision? What precedent does this news set for the future of Eurovision?

Let us know what you think!


Author: James Scanlan

Source: Channel One, EuroVoix

Image Source: Eurovision Ireland

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  1. Politics aside, this is an extremely unfortunate turn of events. As a serial qualifier, Russia would have been all but guaranteed a spot in the final and probably another top ten placing (despite the drabness of the song). My sympathies lie first and foremost with Yuliya Samoilova, who has been used as little more than a political prop in this whole mess. They also lie with decent, honest-to-goodness Eurovision fans in Russia who I’m sure just wanted to see their country’s artist perform on stage alongside everybody else, many of whom must be hugely disappointed at how all of this has turned out. It’s a sad day 😦
    On a slightly brighter note, that photo you used of St. Basil’s Cathedral with the dark clouds scudding behind it as absolutely gorgeous!

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