Choir Of The Year

#NEW: Eurovision Choir of the Year


The Eurovision Family of Events has grown again for 2017. Eurovision Choir of the Year will debut this year in Riga and take place on Saturday 22nd July. It has been confirmed that seven participating broadcasters will take part in the debut contest. These are:

  • ORF – Austria
  • RTBF – Belgium
  • DR – Denmark
  • ERR – Estonia
  • LTV – Latvia (Host)
  • WDR – Germany
  • RTV – Slovenia

Each participating countries choir will perform a six minute piece, completely unaccompanied and in any genre. These will then be judged by a jury – so far to consist of John Rutter (UK Composer) and Elina Garanca (Latvian Mezzo-Soprano). The show will be hosted by Eric Whitacre (Grammy winning composer) and Eva Ikstena (LTV Presenter).

Choir of the Year joins a cultural Family of Events. Young Musicians and Young Dancers rotate on an annual basis – although it is unlikely that Young Dancers will be taking place this year. Then there is the annual Eurovision Song Contest and Junior Eurovision Song Contest.

Author: Richard Taylor

Source: EBU

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