#SLOVENIA : Who has Qualified from Tonight’s 2nd Semi Final of EMA 2017?


The second Semi Final of EMA in Slovenia  has just finished so who has qualified for the  Final?

Nuška Drašček , Tim Kores Kori , Raiven and BQLhave qualified for the Final at Gospodarsko Razstavisce in Ljubljana on February 24th.

So we now have the full line up for the Final next Friday.

KiNG FOO – Wild ride

Nika ZorjanFse

Sell OutNi panike

Omar NaberOn my way

Nuška DraščekFlower in the snow

Tim Kores KoriOpen fire

Raiven – Zažarim

BQLHeart of gold


Click on the song titles for the live performances.


Who do you think will be the winner for Slovenia who will go to Kyiv?

Feel free to comment below.

Author: Andrew Main

Source: RTVSLO , Eurovision Ireland

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