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#JoinUs today at 20:50CET for our LIVE Rolling Blog of MESC – the Maltese National Final, where sixteen acts will compete over three rounds to win that all important ticket to Kyiv.

Just refresh this page from 20:50CET on a regular basis and join me, Richard Taylor to get all my views on the proceedings.

Watch the show via the website.


And we are off!!! After many adverts (including the legendary Hamilton Travel), the evening is kicking off with a parade of tonight’s artists – it’s all very JESC I must say. Is it really only three months since we were there?

Keep an eye for Periscope coverage LIVE from Valletta where John and Phil are lucky enough to be attending the show tonight – just check us out on Twitter, @EurovisionIrela

Song 1: Klinsman – Laserlight

At times, I feel Klinsman is struggling vocally with the style he sings Laserlight in. It get very ‘busy’ at times and although he isn’t mucking it up, it sounds a bit amateurish in places. Laserlight isn’t a bad song though, but I don’t think it’d sit well in the mix at the Eurovision Song Contest – more like your average night club.

Song 2: Raquela – Ray of Light

Oh Raquela has a potential entry for Kyiv here!!! Ray of Light is one of those nice slow and easy listening Maltese songs we have grown to like over a period of time at the Eurovision Song Contest. I don’t want to class Ray of Light as a ballad, even though of the key change, but it has a bit more about it. Contender.

Song 3: Deborah C & Josef – Tonight

The key that Deborah C and Josef sing in isn’t quite right here – if it was, this song would really work. Another easy to listen to entry, but this is what we are getting use to at the Maltese National Final – nothing wrong with that, but it doesn’t have a stand out element which these easy listening songs need.

Song 4: Kevin Borg – Follow

Finally a bit of drama and emotion!!! Kevin Borg is doing his best to give ‘Follow’ the best possible performance – but after the initial opening dramatic moments, it’s a bit boring and has lost me. If this qualified for Kyiv, which I can’t see happening, it would struggle to get past the semi final stage.


Song 5: Jade – Seconds Away

Let’s party with ‘Seconds Away’. This sounds very youthful and should gain the votes from the Maltese teens. Is it a contender for Kyiv – it’s hard to say. It would be good to groove along to this in Kyiv, but remembering the Eurovision Song Contest is a television show, I fear people would see ‘Seconds Away’ as nothing new.

Song 6: Crosswalk – So Simple

Back to the easy listening song! ‘So Simple’ seems to flow quite well and is a rather jolly affair I have to admit. A sort of pub band set up on stage which we know can work at Eurovision – just look at the Netherlands last year. ‘So Simple’ shows us that simplicity can work – Contender.

Song 7: Franklin – Follow Me

Franklin has become a regular at the Maltese National Selection over recent years. His familiar sound is back with ‘Follow Me’. This is a young adult who knows how to ooze emotion in a performance without going over the top like so many others do. Franklin deserves to win his National Final – whether ‘Follow Me’ does it for him this year, that will depend on those that vote.

Song 8: Rhiannon – Fearless

Is Rhiannon the Maltese equivalent of Adele – but with the addition of dancers? Vocally brilliant, emotion executed perfectly and the backing dancers work with the song. Here is an entry that wouldn’t need much perfecting if it won that magical ticket to Kyiv – Contender.


Song 9: Miriana Conte – Don’t Look Down

Oh dear – there is youthful and then there is youthful. I apologise now to Miriana Conte, but this really isn’t working on any level and certainly not an entry that would sit well at the Eurovision Song Contest. If, and it’s a massive if this qualified, a complete reworking would be necessary.

Song 10: Shauna – Crazy Games

Another nightclub-esque entry. The verses of Crazy Games work well, but when it comes to the choruses, things go – well crazy! I like half the song, but dislike the other – vocally, Shauna is doing nothing wrong though. I can’t see this going anywhere in the voting.

Song 11: Janice Mangion – Kewkba

And now for what many see as the favourite. Yes please!!! The fact that Maltese is been used is a big plus for me and something that hasn’t been seen at the Eurovision Song Contest since the 1970’s. The use of Maltese has certainly grabbed me and would probably attract the European voters across Europe in May. Janice Mangion knows how to perform and takes us back to the era of the national language rule.

Song 12: Cherton – Fighting to Survive

Cherton performs, what I consider to be a very dark entry. It does lighten up a bit throughout, but struggle to reach that happiness factor. Vocally, I consider Cherton to be very monotone in her approach to singing this song – something that puts me off. If there was more range vocally, along with the darkness of the song, it could work.


Song 13: Maxine – Bombshell

Well hello Missus!!! A Bombshell is something Maxine is delivering to us in a good way – youthful yet modern, a lot of people would get behind this high energy performance. Vocally you couldn’t fault Maxine neither, especially with the high pace she has to work with. Boom, boom, boom – this could work in Kyiv too.

Song 14: Richard Edwards – You

A man and his guitar alone on the stage -something that can work on stage, but then can’t work on stage at the Eurovision Song Contest. I have to admit I’m a bit undecided on ‘You’. Vocally, Richard Edwards has no problem, but it’s another one of those songs that just doesn’t grab me unfortunately.

Song 15: Unstoppable – Brooke

Another dark entry has been brought to us by Brooke – it certainly stays dark and fiery, but lacks the emotion other performances have given tonight. I’m not sure even if the youth market would go for an entry like this either. Vocally it’s good – but that is about it unfortunately.

Song 16: Claudia Faniello – Breathlessly

Another mainstay of the Maltese National Selection is back. ‘Breathlessly’ pulls at the heart and is the ballad we have been waiting for in terms of emotive expressions in the performance. Claudia Faniello is no stranger to the Eurovision Song Contest stage and couldn’t go wrong with this (vocally or expressively), in Kyiv. I doubt even Chiara could even pull this off better than Claudia!!!


The voting has now opened and those in Malta have got to make their minds up in regards to who they want to see represent them in Kyiv.

Interval Act

If my Maltese proved me right, we now have a band called The Travellers on stage performing in Maltese 🙂 !!! Those following tonight will have now realised I like the old national language rule!

James Scanlan, Eurovision Ireland family member, has kindly reminded me Maltese was last used in 2000 – that’s after a 28 year gap. Let’s hope it’s not 2028 before we hear Maltese at the Eurovision Song Contest again!!!

Voting has NOW closed.

While the votes are been counted, last year’s Maltese entry at the Junior Eurovision Song Contest, Christina Magrin, has taken to the stage and performs a new song. Ira Losco follows Christina, with ‘Invincible’ (the start of) and ‘Walk on Water’. Ira Losco continues her performance with a new song.

The votes are in… Kevin Borg is a RUNNER UP. Janice Mangion is a RUNNER UP. Claudia Faniello has WON with Breathlessly.

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